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We Can't Stop Obsessing Over Acid Hair Colors

02 March 2018
photo of woman with bright blue acid hair color

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

For a long time, choosing a trendy hair color has meant picking through 12 near-identical shades of blush and rose. Thinking outside of that pastel box meant robin’s egg blue or maybe a lavender shade if you were feeling bold.

In 2018, we refuse to stick with pastels. A new year means a chance to explore shades that are brighter and more daring, which brings us to acid hair colors. Don’t worry, there are no corrosive substances actually involved in the creation of these vivid shades. Whether we’re talking about a blinding yellow-green or a vibrant neon purple, acid shades are all about making an impact.

photo of rainbow acid hair color

What are acid hair colors?

Unlike jewel tones or pastels, acid hair colors are bright and biting. Many shades feature a cool yellow accent, which makes them a true fashion statement. In order to achieve these shades, your stylist will apply bleach to your strands to lift your color before applying your chosen acid shade. Applying bleach causes damage, but a professional colorist can help you create an arsenal of products to restore the look of beautiful hair. Expect it to take multiple appointments for you to achieve your dream acid shade.

Since these hair colors are not for wallflowers, we always recommend taking a real chance on a shade at least once in your life. You’ll be surprised at how liberating it can be to pull a full-on switcheroo with your personal style. After the hair is done, you may want to update your closet to ensure you’re a true standout.

photo of woman with bright yellow hair color

Who should try acid hair colors?

If you’re young and adventurous, acid hair colors are for you. Because the shades involve bleach, it’s important to schedule a consultation with your trusted colorist before actually going for it. If you have over-processed hair, your colorist may advise waiting some time before committing to such a drastic change.

It’s also important to consider length when you think about a fresh shade. On social media, many women wear fantasy color on dramatic lengths. In real life, however, we tend to advise getting a cut before your new color. Your healthy, fresh ends will thank you.

photo of bright purple acid hair color

What’s the right way to care for acid hair colors?

When it’s time to care for your luminescent shade, you’ll want the expert advice of your colorist backing every hair care purchase you make. Neon shades like acid green and yellow can become dull without the proper maintenance routine, so it’s crucial that you invest in salon-quality products designed to protect color.

You may also notice that your roots begin to show rather quickly, which means it’s time for touch-up appointment. To ensure your acid hair color grows out as painlessly as possible (or to maintain it for an extended period), work with your colorist to establish a regular appointment schedule.

Hair color can be a fashion statement, just like a new bag or a particularly flashy dress. Once you’ve gotten your routine down, go out in the world and show off that acid shade you’ve worked so hard to achieve. You deserve it!

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