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Editor's Pick: #ColorfulHair FLASH Pro Hair Make-Up

woman with colorful hair flash

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably tried a few wild beauty experiments in your day. Whether they take the form of crooked bangs or glitter gel that just won’t wash out, there’s no shame in experimenting (and realizing it was a mistake).

Thanks to L’Oréal Professionnel, there’s one beauty risk that won’t end up backfiring on you anymore. Temporary color has gotten a makeover in the form of the brand’s #ColorfulHair FLASH. In lieu of the cheap color sprays that are so popular at Halloween, #ColorfulHair FLASH is beautiful, wearable temporary color that’s applied by an expert in a salon. Think of it as makeup for hair.

Ready for our #ColorfulHair FLASH review? Keep reading.

What is #ColorfulHair FLASH?

Like the superhero of the same name, this groundbreaking product is named for its speed. #ColorfulHair FLASH is a temporary color service applied in-salon that creates brilliant results and shampoos right out.

Unlike other temporary colors, #ColorfulHair FLASH isn’t sticky or transferable, which makes it perfect for celebrations and other occasions.

Chelsea James, L’Oréal Professionnel artist, says it’s the consistency of the product that makes all the difference when it comes to wearability.

How do you wear #ColorfulHair FLASH?

There’s an easy answer here: Any way you want! The nine shades are designed to be highly visible on every hair color and texture.

Don’t make the mistake of pigeonholing this as strictly a costume party thing, either. James likes to add extra shine to her FLASH in order to create a more polished-looking final product.

“Adding L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil into the pigment mixture will make the product shine,” the stylist says. “FLASH has a gel-like consistency that makes the product stick where you place it, adding the Mythic Oil into the ‘formula’ makes it creamy and easy to work into the hair.”

Stuck on new ways to try color? Start with the simplest one. Before a night out, tie your hair into a top knot and wear a gold shade in subtle streaks for an overall glitter effect. Wear a vibrant shade tied into a fishtail braid for a hint of the unusual. FLASH works on long hair and short, so the only limit is the number of styles you can think of to try.

“#ColorfulHair FLASH is for everyone—it’s not limited to client, age or gender. FLASH is a great detail for any occasion or even everyday if you want to add temporary tint to your look. The customization and personalization without commitment is the best feature of this project.”

Interested in giving #ColorfulHair FLASH a try? We recommend any of these styles.

#BIRTHDAYHAIR: This style takes the messy chignon to the next level with the addition of #ColorfulHair FLASH Gold Digger pigment. Your stylist will pull your hair into a loose chignon and slick the Gold Digger pigment across one side of your head, mimicking the look of a very cool-girl undercut.

#BRIDESMAIDHAIR: Being a bridesmaid can sometimes be stressful, but bridesmaid hair doesn’t have to be. Your stylist will weave a gorgeous braid across your hairline, featuring sections covered in #ColorfulHair FLASH Gold Digger pigment using a precision application with the FLASH makeup brush before gathering your hair in a low ponytail.

#FESTIVALHAIR: Festival season maybe coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean festival inspired hair is going anywhere. Your stylist will use #ColorfulHair FLASH Hello Holo pigment to create a gorgeous hint of blue—even in dark strands!

#PARTYHAIR: This aptly named style features #ColorfulHair FLASH Midnight Fuchsia pigment for a pop of pink throughout carefree boho waves.

#FASHIONWEEKHAIR: Pair your on-trend lob with hints of emerald green with #ColorfulHair FLASH Hello Holo pigment.

#DATEHAIR: Take your ponytail to the next level with a hint of feminine pink using #ColorfulHair FLASH Midnight Fuchsia pigment.