20 Different Types Of Bangs For Every Face Shape

Flattering Cuts for Your Face Shape

The Official Guide To Bangs: 20 Types To Try On Every Face Shape

19 September 2018
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Emily Arata

Senior Editor

There are few haircuts that make an instant visual impact the way bangs do. Whether you’re freshening up your look or getting over a bad breakup, chopping off some face-framing pieces can create a new you—one that’s visible to everyone.

Looking for inspiration about the right bangs to suit your face? Look no further than these 20 different types of bangs for every face shape. Whether you’re looking to add flash to dark brown hair or brighten up a blonde, there’s something here for you.

Heavy Bangs

Heavy bangs can really define the shape of a face, which is why we love them for long faces. They can visually shorten your face beautifully.

Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs are bangs for people who don’t like usually them. If you’re not having fun styling them, simply push them out of your face.

Pin Up Girl Bangs

Victory roll-inspired bangs take a velcro roller and quite a bit of hairspray, but their gravity-defying presence is impossible to ignore.

Curly Bangs

Having curls doesn’t mean giving up on fringe altogether. If you’re comfortable with your round face, try curly bangs for an adorable halo effect.

Graphic Bangs

Soften the edges of a square or rectangular face with graphic bangs, which are all about clean lines and minimalism. For added panache, try colorful hair!

Festival Bangs

Bangs can complement artistic updos like space buns and cornrows if you know how to style them. These bangs are festival ready in little time!

Boyish Bangs

For decades, female movie stars have been announcing their individuality by cutting off all their hair. To make a gamine cut your own, we love a flirty little bang situation.

Barely-There Pixie Bangs

When you have short hair, even the smallest adjustments pack a visual wallop. A micro fringe can add angles to round or heart face shapes.

Above The Eyebrows Bangs

We are obsessed with our eyebrows. The thought of burying them below hair makes us cringe. Instead of quitting fringe, ask your stylist to crop your bangs just above the brows and stay vigilant about touchup appointments.

Shaggy Bangs

Emphasize a strong bone structure by downplaying your forehead. An easy way to do that is with long, wispy bangs that look effortless while also putting the spotlight on those killer cheekbones.

Neon Bangs

We love when bangs-wearers experiment with color. There’s something about the way neon hair color frames the face that’s both electric and exciting.

‘80s Bangs

Swoopy hair always makes us think of the dramatic ‘dos from the 1980s. When it comes to this vintage look, more hairspray is always better. From the L'Oréal portfolio of products, give L'Oréal Professionnel Infinium 4 Hairspray a try.

Mermaid Bangs

When in doubt, go blue! This aqua fringe is a nice break from everyday colors and styles. Try in on full, dramatic bangs for the most impact.

Wig Bangs

There are more types of bangs than just the kind you grow from your own scalp. If you flirt with the idea of getting bangs but loathe commitment, invest in a wig that accomplishes your face-framing goals.

Punk Bangs

Bring a garage rock vibe into your overall look by cutting punk-inspired bangs. To achieve a rocker aesthetic, ask for bangs that err on the side of short and blunt. If you have a round or oval face, think of these bangs as a gateway into angular perfection.

Straight Bangs

Straight, sleek hair is what all the cool girls wear in 2018, which means there’s got to be a way to incorporate bangs into it. We love “glass” bangs, which are all about reflective hair color and great styling.

Curtain Bangs

Channel the muses of the 1960s by cutting curtain bangs around a square or heart-shaped face. This fringe is so long it barely counts as bangs—instead, think of it as very short layers!

Blended Bangs

Here’s another simple way to incorporate bangs into your ‘do without letting them take over your life. Ask your stylist for long, side-parted bangs that fall to one side of your face. Enjoy all the benefits of bangs with none of the styling pain!

Old Hollywood Bangs

Get your inner glamour girl on with the help of roller-set Old Hollywood bangs. For a special event, they’re the ultimate beauty power move.

Vamp Bangs

Play the dark lady with these wonderfully goth-inspired short bangs. Paired with a dramatic wine red or eggplant, you’ll be impressed at how much they transform any face shape.

For personalized recommendations on which types of bangs you should try, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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