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Everything You Need To Know Before Trying A Buzz Cut

18 May 2018
photo of woman with buzz cut haircut
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

They say a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. We can’t think of a more drastic decision than a buzz cut. Whether you’ve had down-to-there hair for as long as you can remember or already have a seriously stylish pixie, shaving off almost all of your hair is bound to change your life.

As much as we support life-altering haircuts, we think you should be fully prepared before you take the plunge. Thinking about getting a buzz cut? We’re breaking down everything you need to know about trying the dramatic style.

Get comfortable with your gorgeous face.

It’s very easy to hide behind long hair. Have a massive pimple on your face? All you have to do it let your flawless mane take center stage. Once you shave your hair off, however, there’s no more hiding.

While the thought of not being able to hide behind your hair may be frightening, we think it’s a great opportunity to fall back in love with your face. Play around with makeup, highlight your favorite features, or go au naturel for an equally breathtaking look.

You don’t have cut off all of your hair at once.

Whenever someone decides to shave their head off in a movie, they sit shell-shocked in the salon chair as they watch their long locks fall to the floor. We love a good dramatic moment, but do a buzz cut in baby steps if you’re not 100 percent sure it’s for you.

If you have really long hair, begin by asking your stylist for a trendy lob. This universally flattering cut will help you get used to having shorter hair. Once you’re ready to take your cut to the next level, ask your stylist for a pixie cut with side swept bangs. The pixie will allow you to gauge whether or not you’re really about the short hair life, while the side swept bangs leave you with plenty of hair to play with.

The shorter your hair gets, the easier it will be for you to decide whether or not a buzz cut is truly for you. Once you’re ready to take the plunge, the only thing left to do is shave it all off!

Buzz cuts are not as low maintenance as you may think.

Cutting off almost all of your hair sounds like the perfect solution to your hair woes, right? Not so fast. Getting a buzz cut will make some parts of your hair care routine much easier, but that doesn’t mean there will be endless lazy days ahead.

While you may not notice how fast your hair grows when it’s long, you’ll absolutely notice it when you have a buzz cut. If you want to keep your buzz cut looking as fresh as possible, expect to head back to the salon or barber shop every two weeks.

Buzzing off most of your hair is also not an excuse to slack off on your hair care routine. While you’ll have much less hair, it is still just as important to make sure you shampoo and condition your locks on a regular basis. Furthermore, your scalp will be more visible than ever before. If you deal with dry scalp or dandruff, your hair woes will essentially be on display. Use Mizani’s Scalp Care Deep Conditioner to treat your hair and scalp to a little extra TLC.

Learn to love wigs.

When you shave off almost all of your hair, you’re left with very few styling options. You can color your hair or ask your barber to shave designs into your hair, but that’s about it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t totally slay a long hair look—all you need is a wig!

Over the last few years, quality wigs have become available to the everyday consumer. These human hair and synthetic options allow women to change their hairstyle just as often as they change their shoes. Having a buzz cut gives you the added advantage of not needing to figure out how to stuff all of your hair underneath the wig. Now you won’t ever have to worry about making sure you have the perfect hairstyle for any occasion—all you have to do is head to the store and pick it up!

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