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5 Salon Tips To Make Your Haircut Last Longer

29 May 2018
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Sarah Bondoc

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Sarah is a Paris-based American journalist who has a passion for hair and beauty.

Whether you’re out and about all summer or just prefer a low-key lifestyle, we all want a cute cut that will look good for as long as possible. Anh Co Tran, celebrity stylist and L'Oréal Professionnel brand ambassador, says that’s a goal within salon reach!

Keep reading for his professional tips on how to get a long-lasting haircut.

Think long term with your haircut.

When it comes to a haircut, spontaneity is not always the answer. Don’t learn the hard way by getting a razor-sharp bob on impulse then feeling disheartened by the maintenance that comes with it! No one is a fan of that awkward grow-out phase.

To steer clear of such dilemmas, Tran’s hair philosophy is to look at the bigger picture:

The grow-out is very important to me, moreso than the actual look itself.

Anh Co Tran

Here’s how you can get a haircut that stays looking fresher for longer.

Play it safe with a long, layered haircut.

Long layers will always tick the on-trend box. Mid lengths can grow out slowly before needing a healthy trim, whereas something like an angular bob [or pixie cut will have a more noticeable, uneven grow-out in a shorter time.

If you still want something short, however, ask for a soft, choppy cut. You can rock a trendy shaggy hairstyle as time goes on!

Parallel undercuts provide a weightless feel for longer.

If you want a bob but have thick hair, request a parallel undercut. This technique removes weight from underneath for less bulk but more textured shape and movement—a much more effective strategy than thinning out hair with shears or a razor. A soft undercut guarantees a light and bouncy look.

“That’s why I love it, because it grows out really well,” Tran says.

Point cutting makes for long-lasting dimension.

Rather than just chopping hair across in a harsh, straight line, point cutting involves carefully pointing scissors up at an angle.

“It’s a precise technique, but it brings a lot of internal movement,” Tran explains. “If you put internal structure into a bob or any regular haircut, it will make the haircut last longer.

Deeper point cuts can also create a long-lasting layered finish. Tran prefers to point cut on dry hair in order to shape a cut to the hair’s natural movement for a more tailor-made result. This ensures a lived-in effect that still looks good over time.

Factor in your everyday looks.

To avoid having to come back in for a quick fix, decide on a haircut will suit the hairstyles you wear on a regular basis. Keeping an open dialogue with your stylist will only make your haircut better!

If you often wear beach wavy hair, you need to consider how your cut will look when styled. It’s also possible to create a cut that looks evenly distributed no matter which way you side sweep your hair part.

Dust off those split ends.

To address those tiny split ends or curled up flyaways, your hairdresser can use a dusting technique to lightly snip those bits off the outer layer. This will certainly keep your cut looking neat and uniform for a longer period of time.

Enjoy a long-lasting cut every time with these expert cutting tips from the salon!

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