6 Reasons To Try A Long Pixie Bob Haircut In 2017
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The Pixie Bob: 6 Reasons To Try A Long Pixie Cut

29 January 2018
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Emily Arata

Senior Editor

When it comes to growing up and owning your adulthood, there are a few lessons that always prove true. Never forget to save money, clean a little portion of your home every day, and don’t be afraid to cut anything out of your life if it isn’t making you happy. That applies to friends and hair, alike.

If you’re hunting for a way to push the reset button on your personal style or just can’t be bothered creating beachy waves every morning with a curling want, it’s time to chop away the strands that are keeping you down. Liberate yourself from long hair prison, and choose a long pixie bob instead.

What is a long pixie cut?

In a world of lobs, the long pixie cut is a true standout. It’s not a real pixie (which is cropped close to the head), but not quite a real bob (which lands a little below chin length). Instead of a single, blunt length, your stylist will cut a layered, shaggy ‘do that hits at the jawline.

Even within the cut, you have a variety of customizable options. If you’re interested in holding onto length (relative, of course, this is a short style), ask your stylist for a dusting instead of a full chop. Alternatively, you’re welcome to maintain long face-framing sections with a short back.

photo of textured pixie bob haircut

Embrace Your Texture

Here’s a problem with length: Often, the heaviness weighs down your hair. Years of blow drying and long strands can lead you to fear your natural texture, whether that’s a beachy wave or full-on head of curls.

We’re a golden period of living authentically. Models appear in advertisements without photo editing, makeup brands sell products that beautifully highlight your real complexion, and a range of hair products suit every texture. There’s no better time to see what your hair can really do. It may take you a few weeks to get used to your new ‘do, but the change is totally worthwhile.

photo of pixie bob haircut with choppy layers

Try Out Choppy Layers

Every woman has had a period we like to call “the hair rut.” During this dark time, your single-length strands hang without purpose and your color falls flat. Women spend a lot of time maintaining their length, but extra inches without a purpose is just sad.

To determine if the long pixie might be a fit, take a long look at your mane in the mirror. Do you like what it’s doing, or do you crave volume, texture, and bounce? Chopping off your hair might be frightening, but this cut is long enough that you’ll still have hair to run through your hands and style.

In fact, a long pixie opens up a whole world of styling options. If you’ve watched celebrities try out blunt length and shaggy layers, there’s a good chance you’ll love the look on your own scalp. Pull a few red-carpet shots for inspiration, saving them to your phone to share with stylists during your complimentary hair consultation.

photo of pixie bob styled using product

Learn to Use Product

Long and shoulder length hair are feminine, easy to style, and always in fashion. However, that’s exactly the problem. When you have length, it’s far too easy to be lazy. Just the way women with pore-less, pimple-less skin never quite learn to apply eyeliner or concealer, we’re willing to bet your understanding of hair product and styling is woefully underdeveloped.

Instead of falling back on the same last minute ponytail every day (even though you swore you were going to curl beach waves this morning), take the leap into styling territory. Cutting a long pixie means you will finally have to use product on the daily. It’s an excellent choice to make your mane the focal point of your look. You’ll be impressed by how professional and polished the update can seem.

Not sure where to start? Ask your stylist for his or her recommendations while you’re in the salon chair.

photo of edgy styled pixie bob haircut

Give an Edgy Style a Try

It’s easy to scroll through celebrity style galleries and your Instagram feed, viewing all the trendy cuts but never participating in a single one. What’s challenging is taking the plunge—booking the appointment and following through with the new look. Life is about exhilarating changes, so why not try something new? It’s not any fun to live in hair purgatory.

If you’re still struggling to commit to a long pixie, make a hair pact with a buddy. She’ll pursue her hair dream, whether that’s a bold new color or edgy cut, and you’ll finally allow scissors near your mane. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the adrenaline rush you get, much like you would while getting a tattoo or a new piercing. Life is too short to never take a chance on a fashion-forward style.

photo of pixie bob haircut with healthy hair

Focus on Healthy Hair

Apply the same philosophy to your hair as you would to your closet. If you have fewer, well-made clothes, you’re more likely to carefully store them and know exactly how to style each. The same goes for your mane. Less hair means you’ll be more devoted to keeping it healthy and getting regular trims. Long hair might be easy, but a short ‘do will probably feel more stylish.

To prepare for your new mane philosophy, ask your stylist to help identify your hair type (coarse or fine). Then, you can head to a beauty supply store and begin the fun part—building a hair care regimen that’s tailored to your needs. When you finally let your hair grow, you’ll be impressed by how healthy it is. A little TLC goes a long way.

photo of pixie bob haircut with wild haircolor

Dye Your Hair a Whole New Shade

These days, it seems as if every woman has a head of pastel, neon, or dramatic balayage. Hair color, particularly the kind that would never really grow from the scalp, has never seemed more popular. We always recommend statement colors on short hair (the punchier, the better), which means a long pixie is a perfect opportunity to let your imagination—and colorist—run wild.

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