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3 Winning Long Bob Ideas For Thin Hair

03 September 2018
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An American journalist living in Paris, Elizabeth has a passion for all things hair. Hailing from sunny California, she gives you the dish on the latest trends from around the world.

If you have fine hair, the lob (or long bob), is the perfect style for you. Luckily we have Eric Pfalzgraf, Kérastase Parisian stylist, to give us tips and inspiration on how to rock the long bob when you were born with thin strands.

“The main advantage of a short cut is that it can really add extra volume and weight to the hair,” Pfalzgraf says.

Scroll down to look at three gorgeous long bobs for thin hair.

a line blunt bob long bobs for thin hair

A-Line Blunt Bob

Forever one of the most popular hairstyles, the A-line bob trend will never fade. The bluntness of the cut adds heaps of volume and never fails to look sophisticated. For styling this long bob on thin hair, the options are plentiful—from a cute fringe to a textured look or a neat top knot.

Pfalzgraf chimes in with an expert tip on adding volume.

“The more you work fine hair during a blowdry, the thinner it can look," he says. "The less heat you apply to the hair, the more voluminous it looks.”

A product like Kérastase L'incroyable Blowdry Lotion can make all the difference in your blowout.

graduated lob long bobs for thin hair

Graduated Bob

Graduated layers mean extra volume. It’s just a fact.

“The most obvious advantage of hair graduation is that it gives volume and fullness. When well maintained and well cut, graduation can actually help boost the hair and give it more oomph," Pfalzgraf says.

bob with bangs long bobs for thin hair

Lob With Fringe

The lob with a wispy fringe is chic and edgy yet gives the effect of more volume. Your sparse locks will look more plentiful and with this cut comes endless ways to style it. The perfect long bob for thin hair!

Interested in customized cuts for thin hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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