The 10 Best Low Maintenance Haircuts For Every Hair Type

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10 Low Maintenance Haircuts For Every Hair Type

19 February 2018
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We all love the look and feel of our strands after a visit to the salon. After spending hours in the chair, it’s easy to be confident that you can recreate that same gorgeous blowout as your stylist. While we all love the end result, all that sectioning and brushing can add serious time to your pre-work beauty routine.

For those of us who love hitting snooze on our alarms each morning, there are some styles that require little to no effort at all.

The key to low maintenance styling for any hair type is the perfect cut. We’ve rounded up some of the best low maintenance haircuts for every hair type to simplify your routine and enhance your natural texture.

photo of woman with blunt bob hairstyle

Thin Hair

If you’re working with thin strands, volume is not your best friend. Even after you’ve scrunched and sprayed your limp strands to the point of frizziness, big hair just doesn’t seem like an option. Cuts with choppy layers can make your wispy strands appear even thinner. Instead, opt for a blunt, single length cut that’s simple enough to be worn every day with minimal effort, but still trendy enough to make a statement. We recommend regular dustings to maintain the clean shape of your cut.

Not ready to part with your length just yet? Some lengthier cuts can be a styling game-changer for your flat strands. If you’re trying to enhance volume at your roots, middle parts can be a total nightmare. Opt for a classic haircut that creates instant volume such as a deep side part with side swept bangs. Full fringe can be a full-time job, but side bangs easily blend in with the rest of your strands.

photo of thick haired woman with layered bob hairstyle

Thick Hair

People who wish for fuller strands are green with envy when it comes to ladies with naturally thick manes. While the ability to flaunt many styles is all well and good, thick-haired women know that hours of blow drying to achieve any hairstyle is no easy feat. Try adding long layers to your ‘do to reduce weight and bulk.

Long hair is often a go-to for women with thick hair. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be afraid of losing a little length. A blunt cut may leave your thick strands with unwanted volume, so ask your stylist for a layered bob. This classic chop will cut your blow-dry time in half, thinning out some unwanted bulk.

photo of woman with long layered straight hair

Straight Hair

Waking up to a frizzless, sleek head of hair in the morning morning is every woman’s dream. For those of us who spend a little too much time with a flat iron, it’s almost unimaginable that for some, straight hair comes naturally. These women can maintain just about any haircut with ease, although trying to achieve any type of curl or wave can be a process.

If you’re looking to add some texture, a mid length cut with shaggy layers might be the styling solution you’re looking for. For easy overnight waves, try a few spritzes of texturizing spray, add braids, and let your hair work its magic.

If you would rather embrace your straight texture, ask your stylist for long layers. Apply your favorite smoothing serum to eliminate frizz and let your natural hair shine.

photo of woman with wavy pixie cut

Wavy Hair

When we think of natural waves, effortless, beachy mermaid hair comes to mind. With the wrong haircut, however, natural waves can turn into a frizzy mess. If you’re looking to go shorter, a long pixie cut is about as effortless as it gets. With a dollop of styling cream or a few spritzes of texturizing spray, you’ll be ready to go with the perfect tousled look.

If you want long, effortless texture, keeping your hair at one length can seriously weigh down your waves. Ask your stylist for face framing layers with a middle part. Face framing layers take the weight off the strands around your face, allowing natural waves to flourish and eliminating the need for additional styling. For an easy, air-dried finish, apply your favorite anti-frizz serum and some texturizing spray.

photo of woman with mid length curly hair

Curly Hair

You will probably never hear a curly girl describing her hair as low maintenance. Curly hair can seem overwhelming, but the right haircut eases the burden of daily sessions spent with your diffuser. If you have tight curls, keep your hair mid-length with long layers that help minimize bulkiness and amplify your natural volume.

If you’re looking for something shorter, ask your stylist for an angled bob. This cut is extremely low maintenance and emphasizes the natural texture of your strands by leaving the front slightly longer than the back. For an on-the-go look, apply leave in conditioner to damp hair to avoid frizz. Use curl defining cream to shape the curls, scrunch for added volume, and finish off the look with a few spritzes of hairspray.

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