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How To Get A Perfect Bob For Natural Hair

26 June 2018
woman with natural hair and bob hairstyle

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

Whenever a celebrity makes a drastic style change, we’re inevitably left feeling less than pleased with our own heads of hair. This week, the actress of the moment traded her grown-out natural texture for an angled, pressed bob that reads boardroom chic.

Wondering how to get a perfect bob for natural hair the way this stylista has? We tapped Pekela Riley, Mizani brand ambassador and curl guru, for her best tips to achieve a sharp bob that plays up all kinds of texture.

Riley loves the style, calling it an ideal take on the working woman’s do and “totally ideal for a woman who doesn’t want to get bored with her hair."

They like the medium length but would also like the option of wearing it in a textured state as a tapered natural cut. It’s a built-in mechanism for helping keep hair healthy because curly hair involves heatless styling.

Pekela Riley

Ready to get a bob of your own? Keep reading.

woman with natural hair and bob hairstyle

Start with a stylist who understands your hair.

Every great haircut begins with a little inspiration. Riley recommends finding a pro by asking other women who they recommend. If you spot a coworker or friend with a bob that looks like the one you want, tap them on the shoulder and ask where they get that fantastic cut.

Pekela also recommends vetting potential stylists on social media before booking any appointments.

“Social media is also your best friend when it comes to exploring the best texture stylist for you. Look at the pages of different hair stylists you’ve heard good things about in your area and see if they have experience in your texture type,” she advises.

Once you’re booked for a consultation, get started thinking about your hair goals.

woman with natural hair and bob hairstyle

Choose a cut that works with your lifestyle.

It’s a common misconception that “natural” hair implies curly hair. The term actually refers to hair that hasn’t been chemically altered to change its texture, which means of the world is currently wearing natural hair.

If you only wear your hair curly or live and die with your blow dryer in hand, your stylist should know it before he or she ever chops your mane.

“An important rule to keep in mind is your preference is priority, meaning your natural hair can be styled curly or straight, all dependent on what you prefer,” Riley says. “This ensures a consistency and precision with the state of [the] cut.”

woman with natural hair and bob hairstyle

Keep your care routine in mind.

No haircut exists in a void, although we sometimes imagine all our hair sins have been swept away the second we sit down in a professional’s chair. That means your routine before the cut matters just as much as the one you adopt after it.

“Hair care is cumulative,” Riley explains. “Conditioning, moisturizing, and strengthening are all important—there is no one and done. Your daily products are the compounding elements that enable a healthy state of your hair to be maintained.”

To ensure your stylist knows what hair condition her or she is dealing with, break down the 411 on the products and styling techniques you’ve been using between appointments. If there are any major concerns, your expert can recommend products to remedy the issue.

Looking for an excellent curl product choice? We love Mizani’s Lived-In Texture Styling Enhancers for work (and play) bob looks.

Ready to give a bob for natural hair a try? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a professional near you.

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