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How Pro Stylists Keep Models' Hair Healthy During Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week is officially upon us. The only things that can distract us from the fabulous clothes hitting the runway are the equally stunning hairstyles that accompany them. From down-to-there hair extensions to gravity-defying updos, nothing is off limits when it comes to fashion.

As much as we love to see models slay all of the dazzling hairstyles, getting your hair styled several times a week (sometimes several times a day!) can really take a toll on your strands. Models and stylists have to work together to make sure everyone’s hair remains as healthy as possible.

Wondering how models and stylists manage the Herculean task of maintaining healthy strands? We caught up with a few stylists and models at the Jonathan Cohen fashion show on September 6 in New York City to get the information you’re dying to know—directly from the source.

Keep your locks squeaky clean.

There are a lot of tricks and tips both hair stylists and models use to keep hair healthy during Fashion Week, but everyone we spoke to talked about the importance of maintaining clean strands.

Professionals say:

“If the model has product in her hair, then get her to gently shampoo with a purifying shampoo between or a sulfate-free shampoo just to remove some of the product,” Jamal Edmonds, Mizani brand ambassador and celebrity stylist, says.

Models say:

“I always wash my hair after a show, especially when they use a lot of product in it. It’s so important to use shampoo and conditioner to have fresh hair again after the show,” Fabienne Dobbe, model, says.

“I take care of my hair by keeping it clean and nourished. I typically don't wash my hair, but during Fashion Week sometimes you may need to due to the amount of product or type of products used that prevent you from doing anything else to it. Therefore, a good wash is essential,” Symon Leone, Mizani brand ambassador and model, says.

“If I have time, I run home to wash my hair in between shows so the products aren’t building up,” Aqua Parios, Mizani brand ambassador, and model, says.

Prime your strands.

Whether the hairstyle calls for lots of heat styling or more backcombing than you ever imagined possible, properly priming your hair can mean the difference between runway-worthy strands and unsightly damage.

Professionals say:

“Use some type of primer, just like you would do with makeup to prep your hair. For example, I like to use the 25 Miracle Milk. It’s a good base and foundation to start with, and it will...allow you to get a consistent look every time,” Jordan Wimby, Mizani brand ambassador, says.

“Before blowing the hair out, I prepped it with Mizani 25 Miracle Milk which has a bunch of different benefits—the main one being heat protectant. For the heat styling that we're doing with the thermal iron, I use Mizani’s Style and Style Again on the hair just to give it a second layer of heat protection before going in with the flat iron,” Christine Hutchinson, Mizani brand ambassador, says.

“My go-to style protector for any hair texture is Mizani 25 Miracle Milk. There are 25 benefits in one bottle. It’s good for frizz, it’s good for humidity resistance, it’s good for curling, good for colored hair, evens out the porosity. It overall has so many benefits for hair, that helps with any texture whether your natural or chemically treated,” Phrenchie, Mizani brand ambassador, says.

Give your hair a little extra TLC.

After the wear and tear of fashion week, it should come as no surprise that it is the perfect time to treat your hair to a little extra TLC. Both the models and stylists spoke about the importance of at-home hair masks and in-salon treatments.

Professionals say:

“Mizani has this new Moroccan Clay Mask which is a moisturizing deep conditioner...You can use it at home. You can either get under a hydration machine or you can use a hot towel and a processing cap to push the moisture in, but that one is really good,” Edmonds says.

“Mizani has a lot of moisture conditioning treatments. Doing a hydration treatment under a hooded dryer helps the treatment penetrate the hair, open up those cuticles, and put that moisture back in,” Phrenchie says.

“The Strength Fusion system by Mizani is great to help fill porous hair, and if you’re looking for extra moisture I would recommend either the Moroccan Clay Mask or the Moisture Fusion Mask,” Ashley Lee, Mizani brand ambassador, says.

Models say:

“I like to do hair masks after fashion week! My current favorite is Mizani's Intense Moisturizing Mask,” Leone says. 

Interested in personalized advice about maintaining healthy hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.