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Foam Hair Products: How To Use Them For Bouncy, Effortless Style

photo of woman with brown wavy hairstyle

If you’ve ventured into any salon or beauty supply store in the last six months, there’s one trend you’ve probably spotted: foam. Mousses and all kinds of foam hair products are practically inescapable.

Unlike the ‘90s, when this product first became popular, today’s foams are a lot less sticky and far less likely to weigh down your mane. To give us the 411 on all things bubbly and foam-like, we called in Andrea Bergstrom, Matrix brand ambassador and stylist.

Bergstrom chalks up the increasing popularity of mousses to the way we’re wearing our hair in 2018. Instead of an extremely stylized finish—think the blowouts of the early 2010s—there’s increased emphasis on natural, touchable texture.

“Aeration in products is a great thing. It creates lightness to a product and also aids in an easy application. We are seeing foams all over the beauty market.”

One of the best aspects of foaming products is that they’re suitable for any hair type. Even ladies wary of letting their fine hair get bogged down can dab a little volumizing foam at their roots.

“Unlike heavier oils, waxes, or pomades could, mousse won’t weigh hair down. Plus anything with tons of bubbles is just more fun,” Bergstrom says. “Mousse can be anyone’s BFF! Both fine- and thick-haired ladies can benefit from a foaming product.”

In the salon, Bergstrom opts for Matrix Biolage Hydra Foam Styler. The conditioning mousse is formulated with blue agave to add medium hold and natural movement to any ‘do. As an added bonus, our expert loves to use it in tandem with other products to create salon-perfect blowouts and beach waves.

“I have a lot of clients with color-treated hair that have longer length, so the Hydra Foaming styler is a must have on my station. I use it to create soft touchable body when blowdrying,” Bergstrom explains. “It is also one of my favorite products for diffusing naturally curly or wavy hair. I layer it in the hair with Biolage Curl Defining Elixir if it is humid.”

It isn’t just volume the foams can help with, however. One of 2017’s buzziest product was Ouai’s Dry Shampoo Foam, which promises to thoroughly cleanse and refresh hair without the use of water. For those who may be convinced foams and mousses can only style hair, plenty of recent product launches can prove you wrong. Indie beauty brand Amika offers Bust Your Brass Violet Leave-In Treatment Foam, a violet-pigmented, no-rinse conditioning treatment that helps keep blonde hair color bright. The foam formula means easy, even distribution. We’ve even seen the launch of IGK’s Foamo Holographic Hair Foam, a temporary shade-shifting, holographic glitter hair foam that’s ideal for festivals or concerts.

When using a foaming product, Bergstrom recommends starting small.

“As a general rule of thumb, use a golf ball size for medium to long hair, less for shorter length. Apply evenly from scalp to ends and voila! Foam is your friend!”

What are you waiting for? Let foam reshape your hair routine.

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