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This Hilarious Video Is The Ultimate Love Letter To Hairstylists

Love the hair thank you to stylists
Whether or not you realize it, your relationship with your hair stylist is one of the most important in your life. Only your stylist has the power to make or break your day with a simple snip of scissors or sweep of hair color.

Whether you see your stylist a few times a year for a simple trim or head to the salon every few weeks for a root touch-up, chances are good you haven’t truly thanked them for all of the tireless work they do for you. Because let’s be honest—who else would clear their schedule to ensure your grey balayage is perfectly blended before your very important date night?

If you’re beginning to think you owe your beloved stylist an over-the-top thank you, our sister site in the United Kingdom is here to help. The editors over at Hair.com UK created a hilarious video called “Hair The Love” that chronicles all of the reasons why we love our stylists.

The video shows clients and stylists in the salon, chatting, laughing, and creating killer hairstyles while one client hilariously narrates every thought you’ve ever had while at the hair salon. From being equally as excited to catch up with your stylist as you are to enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet, to counting on your colorist to execute a flawless color correction.

It can be hard to put into words what your stylist really means to you, but now you don’t have to. If you have a fantastic stylist in your life that deserves recognition, send them this video and they’ll always know just how much you appreciate them. This simple gesture may inspire them to create their best work yet next time you’re in their chair.

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