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Honey Brown Hair Is The Sunkissed Brunette Shade You Need For 2023

Honey brown hair is trending, and we’re breaking down how to try the warm-toned, honey-inspired shade in 2023.

When spring and summertime roll around, there are only two things we want more than anything: to be out in the sun all day everyday, and to find the perfect seasonal hair color that enhances our sun-kissed glow. If you’re a brunette looking to embrace sun-kissed hair in the most natural way possible, you’re in luck! Honey brown hair is trending for spring and summer 2021, and like its sister shade honey blonde, this sweet, warm-toned hue is a go-to shade for the sunshiney months. 

Want to learn more about honey brown hair color? Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about the sweet shade and 35 different ways to try the color yourself. 

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What color is honey brown hair?

For the brunettes out there craving a slightly warmer, lighter hue, honey brown is definitely a great option. This light brown hair color features hints of natural-looking honey throughout, offering the best of rich depth and multi-dimensional lightness. 

If you’re starting out with very dark hair, your colorist will need to use bleach to lift your color before applying any honey brown hair dye. While bleach can cause damage, a professional stylist will be able to execute the bleaching process safely and with minimal repercussions.

How do you care for honey brown hair?

Now that you’ve fallen in love with honey brown hair, here comes the fun part: maintaining your new hue. While honey brown is on the low-maintenance side of salon color, it’s still important to pack your routine with products formulated for color-treated hair.

First, swap out your regular shampoo and conditioner with a color-safe system like the Biolage R.A.W Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. Formulated with coconut milk and meadowfoam, the system helps protect color-treated hair, leaving it soft and shiny with lasting color vibrancy.

To prevent your new hue from turning brassy, you’ll also need to incorporate a blue shampoo and conditioner into your weekly routine. We recommend Redken’s Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo and Conditioner. This progressive toning system is ideal for preventing and neutralizing brass on both highlighted and naturally brown hair. 

If your strands are feeling extra dry after a color session, adding a weekly hair mask to your routine can do wonders for the look and feel of your strands. The Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment is formulated with goji berry extract and olive oil to help fortify and strengthen damaged hair.

For those who blow dry, straighten, or curl, note that the damaging effects of heat can do a number on the vibrancy of your color. We recommend investing in a heat protectant such as the Kérastase Resistane Ciment Thermique Blow Dry Primer. It protects hair against heat styling while adding body and volume for long-lasting control.

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Who does honey brown hair work best for?

The best part about honey brown hair is that it’s one of the few shades that flatter every skin tone. Whether you opt for a full head of honey brown highlights or a honey brown balayage, the color is the perfect transition into natural-looking summertime hair.

There’s no one way to try honey brown hair. Your colorist will be able to give you a unique color based on your desired level of maintenance, your skin tone, and the base color you’re starting out with. If you’re looking for some inspiration, keep scrolling for 35 of our favorite ways to lean into this spring and summer hue.

The Best Honey Brown Hair Colors

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Brown Hair with Honey Highlights

Anytime you’re looking to edge into a new hue without going overboard, look to highlights. Honey highlights help bring warmth and dimension to your natural hue without the commitment of all-over color.

Good hair day by @creativeheadz_se.

Golden Honey Brown

Looking to recreate that golden hour glow on your mane? Ask your colorist to add a hint of gold to your honey brown hair.

Good hair day by @morellosalvatore.

Honey Brown Balayage

Even with new hair coloring techniques popping up left and right, we could never forget about balayage! If you’re looking for a low-maintenance way to show off your honey brown hair, give a traditional balayage a try.

Good hair day by @colorbymattrez.

Honey Brown Midlights

Created by Redken brand ambassador Matt Rez, the midlight technique involves connecting your highlight color to your base color for a natural, non-streaky look. You can learn more about midlights in this complete guide.

Honey Brown To Honey Blonde Ombre

If there’s one hue that’s almost equally as stunning as honey brown, it’s honey blonde. For a look that combines both, ask your colorist for a classic ombre.

Good hair day by @ggstruecolors.

Chocolate Honey Brown

Those seeking a seamless way to enhance chocolate brown hair should try adding a touch of honey brown via highlights.

Good hair day by @thefrothyblonde.

Honey Brown With Face-Framing Highlights

Not quite ready to commit to a full head of highlights? Ask your colorist about face-framing highlights. These strategically-placed highlights are applied to the strands framing your face to brighten your complexion while leaving your base color untouched.

Good hair day by @tbtbsalon.

Amber Honey Brown

To add even more dimension to your honey brown hue, opt for pops of amber throughout your hair. This reddish variation of honey brown looks stunning with a tan.

Good hair day by @lautriceshenellhair__.

Honey Brown Curly Hair

If you thought you couldn’t try honey brown hair with curls, think again! The dimension of honey brown looks gorgeous on curly manes.

Good hair day by @goodvibesgreathair.

Honey Brown Bob

So many people go shorter with their cut during the warmer months, and we can’t blame them! A bob haircut is the trendiest way to keep your neck cool as the temperatures rise. 

Good hair day by @mariaedvorak.

Dark Honey Brown Hair

Maintain the depth and richness of your hair with an ever-so-slight hint of honey brown seamlessly blended in.

Good hair day by @jaye_edwards.

Ultra Subtle Honey Brown Highlights

For a hair color that looks naturally kissed by the sun, ask your stylist for barely there honey brown highlights. 

Rich Auburn Honey Brown 

Incorporate even more warmth into your locks with a honey brown hue that leans auburn. The combination of colors makes for some major dimension.

Good hair day by @helenamatic.

Honey Brown Ends

Another subtle way to incorporate honey brown hair is to dye just the ends in a shade that’s one or two lighter than your current color. 

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Honey Caramel Brown Hair

This hue is on the lighter end of the honey brown spectrum and incorporates touches of honey, caramel, and brown.

Good hair day by @lanninhabraga.

Light Honey Brown Hair

If you wanted to go even lighter, ask your stylist for this light honey brown hair color. It’s a great way to transition from blonde to darker, or vice versa. 

Good hair day by @aaashleee.

Dark Honey Brown Money Piece 

If you’ve got dark brunette locks, you can subtly lighten them up with a dark honey brown money piece. It’s a quick and easy way to change up your look.

Good hair day by @georgepapanikolas.

Light Honey Brown Money Piece 

You can try the honey brown money piece on lighter tresses, too. The key is to create that pop of lightness right in the front. 

Good hair day by @michelleoconnorbeauty.

Bronze Honey Brown 

Bronze honey brown is as warm-toned and sunkissed as honey brown can get. We love this shade paired with medium and dark skin tones

Medium Honey Brown 

Consider an all-over medium honey brown look for this spring. It's not too light or too dark. Talk about a goldielocks moment!

Good hair day by @hairbykatierose.

Honey Bronde Hair

If you want to play up the blonde, try honey bronde, which gives you both blonde and brown in one beautiful look. 

Good hair day by @hairdesignbytoni.

Brunette with Blonde and Honey Brown Highlights

You can have your cake and eat it, too, with this look. It features a brunette base with bright blonde highlights and a hint of honey brown infused throughout. 

Good hair day by @__domidoeshair.

Chestnut With Honey Brown

Lean into that rich chestnut hue with this shade. The subtle honey brown blended throughout will make it look like your hair is shimmering.

Good hair day by @oceanlewis.

Honey Golden Brown Hair Color

Talk about a sunkissed hair color! Honey golden brown feels slightly more golden in nature than a regular honey brown. If you wanted, you could work your way to this lighter hue over time to spare your darker locks. 

Good hair day by @ashleypirrung.

Auburn Honey Bronde Balayage

This hue starts with a medium auburn base and incorporates hand-painted streaks of honey bronde throughout. 

Good hair day by @theknotsalon.

Hidden Honey Brown Highlights

Go covert with honey brown highlights that are hidden in the middle layers of your hair. They’ll pop beautifully in updos or with any movement. 

Good hair day by @studioehair.

Honey Brown and Caramel Waves

A mix of honey brown and caramel come together in this gorgeous hair color. If you want a look that’s extra sweet, this rich, dimensional shade is for you.

Good hair day by @taylorhardeehair.

Honey Brown on Blonde 

This look starts with a lighter base and incorporates honeyed highlights throughout.  

Good hair day by @_lysalexander.

Sandy Brown With Honey Highlights

If you’ve got natural sandy brown hair, consider adding honeyed highlights throughout for a perfect honey brown mix. 

Good hair day by @hairby.vp.

Rich Brunette With A Honey Brown Sheen

Brunettes can stay true to their roots while adding a low-maintenance touch of brightness and dimension to their mane via this look.  

Good hair day by @hairbykatied.

Dark Brown With Coppery Honey Brown

Lean a little into the red zone with coppery honey brown highlights. They perfectly complement ultra-rich brunettes. 

Good hair day by @rileypaintsribbons.

Onyx Black With Honey Brown 

Yep—even the darkest shades of hair can pull off honey brown! 

Good hair day by @inespeluqueros.

Honey Brown Babylights

To get that ultra-blended finish no matter your base color, try honey brown babylights. They add natural dimension and sparkle to your hair that's ideal for spring and summer.

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All-Over Honeyed Hair

The opposite of babylights is all-over highlights that almost take over your natural brown. It’s a fresh, summer look that can flatter any hair type.  

Good hair day by @laurenvosshair.

Copper Honey Brown

This hair color is the perfect mix of honey brown and copper. It’s bright and happy—a perfect combination to wear in sunny weather. 

Interested in trying honey brown hair color? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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