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The 11 Most Influential Hairdressers In Hollywood (And Beyond!)

influential hairdresser cutting blonde hair

There are stylists and there are stylists, the ones who shape the hair industry’s best trends and seem to be constantly selfie-ing with your favorite celebs on social media. The Hair.com team sat down with the 11 most influential hairdressers in Hollywood (and beyond!) to get the tips only their A-list clients know and find out what’s coming up next. From dark brown hair to ash blonde hair, get ready to be ahead of the trends...courtesy of the people who help set them!

Chad Wood

Where To Find Him: On set and moonlighting as a Redken brand ambassador.

Celeb Clients: Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Walsh, Isabela Moner

Signature Look: “I do a glossy, expensive look and that’s just kind of my thing. I just like big hair but I want it to be healthy and sexy.”

Best Hair Tip: “Say I teased your hair and put in extensions and all this stuff, I prefer you brush it out then go in the shower and then it will like work itself through and be great instead of wash, become a knot, and then rip through your hair because that’s not great.”

Favorite Upcoming Trend: “I just love that fluffy retro kind of hair. I see fringe is coming in—fringe, not bangs. Fringe. So just more layers around the face and people are just starting to take more risks with their hair and really buying into their own styles and I love that. They’re just embracing their curls and their natural color, just loving what you have and emphasizing it for your face shape.”

Pekela Riley

Where To Find Her: Consulting at her very own studio, Salon PK, in Jacksonville, Florida, or working as Mizani’s global artistic director.

Celeb Clients: Issa Rae, Regina King, Danai Gurira

Signature Look: “Celebrities are currently loving my signature refined natural hairstyles. The creation of a texture aesthetic that’s elevated and red carpet photo ready without being sensationalized.”

Best Hair Tip: “It’s also important to identify potential hair issues due to high heat damage and how to address them like alternating styles from non-heat styles to heat styles, and the importance of trimming their ends—they may hold on to unhealthy hair longer than the average girl due to the favorable perception of long hair they’re adamant about maintaining.”

Favorite Upcoming Trend: “I see a return of longer and thick texture, natural updos, more elements of braided features within these styles, and also more playing with the aesthetic to make sure it’s not overly done. In the texture realm, hair doesn’t have to be super super neat anymore.”

Nancy Braun

Where To Find Her: Consulting at her very own studio, Salon PK, in Jacksonville, Florida, or working as Mizani’s global artistic director.

Celeb Clients: Amy Adams, Mandy Moore, Sigourney Weaver

Signature Look: “I have been known for my signature money piece around the hairline and face frame. Clients, whether they are celebs or regular people, only want to enhance their image, so a big part of my service is the consultation and to provide options they can choose from.”

Best Hair Tip: “Pictures are manipulated in every way and don't always show the integrity of the hair. I firmly believe that hydration is the key to a beautiful fiber. The role I play is not to push the hair fiber beyond it limits but to keep the quality and condition in optimum shape.”

Favorite Upcoming Trend: “Cool, soft lavenders, silver blues, pastels with a glossy glow-like finish.”

George Papanikolas

Where To Find Him: In Los Angeles at Andy Lecompte Salon or in New York City at Rita Hazan. In between, he’s a Matrix celebrity colorist and Biolage ambassador.

Celeb Clients: Khloé Kardashian, Shay Mitchell, Mila Kunis

Signature Look: “I have a signature style that clients and celebs love. It’s defined by soft hand-painted delicate highlights at the roots, gradually getting thicker and heavier towards the ends with strong contrast. The highlights are very strategically placed so that you maintain a lot of their natural color as the negative space, allowing the highlights to pop. ”

Best Hair Tip: “Strategic highlighting so that you create the illusion of lightness where the camera hits the hair—face frame, natural part, ends—allows more of the hair to remain unprocessed giving an overall healthier feel to the hair.  This also allows the client to stretch out their appointments for less chemicals on their hair.”

Favorite Upcoming Trend: “Fall tends to make clients want to go richer and warmer. Not necessarily dark, but darker than what they had in summer. The big trend will be to keep the face frame really bright and richening the interior of the hair to create a strong contrasting face frame of highlights. ”

Tippi Shorter

Where To Find Her: On set as Mizani's global artistic director or leading The Textpert Collective, an educational team that's all about the way professionals approach textured hair.

Celeb Clients: Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga

Signature Look: “For years my signature was big, sexy, healthy hair. That has evolved with my clients as they change their styles. I enjoy changing with them. What my signature has become is healthy hair with an elevated style.”

Best Hair Tip: “For most of my clients, I did routine maintenance services to make sure their hair was always in top shape for the cameras. I did however have a few clients that kept their hair in ponytails and only got their hair serviced on work days. They just didn’t want to think about glam until they had to.“

Favorite Upcoming Trend: “Hair has been so individual lately and that’s been really fun to see. The embellished trend will be popular this fall in a sophisticated way.”

Matt Rez

Where To Find Him: Doing color at Mèche Salon in Los Angeles and working as a Redken brand ambassador.

Celeb Clients: Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Jared Leto

Signature Look: “My signature look is color that appears super natural! Whether it be a blonde, brunette, or redhead, my clients—especially those who are on camera—need their hair to read really natural so I usually use the Midlight color technique that I invented. A midlight is the color that ties the base color, or what would be your lowlight to your highlight, to create more dimension and movement.

Best Hair Tip: “I love and use a lot of TRedken Shades EQ because I’m able to make constant color changes on my celeb clients without damaging their hair in the process. Glossing with Redken Shades EQ is always my first choice for actress clients, or just for anyone who wants frequent changes, because it’s easily reversible, the color fades on tone and it keeps the hair super healthy.”

Favorite Upcoming Trend: “With celebrity hair color it’s less seasonal and more project-based. Their hair color all depends on what projects or shows they are or will be working on, so it can be hard to predict!“

Jada Jenkins

Where To Find Her: On set, working as a Mizani artist and educator, or at home in her own salon, L’amour De Rose in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Celeb Clients: Teyana Taylor, Nene Leakes, Star Jones

Signature Look: “My signature look is my custom units that I make!”

Best Hair Tip: “Making sure that the units are applied on/taken off correctly. I am very honest with them and letting them know what I’m willing to do as a professional hairstylist and what I’m not willing to do. Knowledge is key—most of them don’t have honest people around them to ensure they are going the healthy hair route.”

Favorite Upcoming Trend: “I think we will see more and more celebs venturing [into] big natural texture looks and braids—an effortless look!”

Nick Arrojo

Where To Find Him: Behind the scenes or greeting customers at one of the three Arrojo Studio locations in New York City.

Celeb Clients: Minnie Driver, Liev Schreiber, Bryan Adams

Signature Look: “One of the techniques that first gave me notoriety with the razor is something that I call 'swinging supermodel bangs.' Using the razor, I created a technique to bring about wispy, choppy bangs that move softly, and frame the cheekbones and the eyes, placing the spotlight on women’s most beautifying facial features.

Best Hair Tip: “For a celebrity client whose hair has to go through a lot of damaging heat styling, I would recommend [an Arrojo] Hair Repair Treatment. This protein-packed avocado, keratin masque is great to soften, add shine, and repair.”
Favorite Upcoming Trend: “Pastel shades of lilac are being requested a lot—we’ll see some celebrities driving this trend through fall and winter. Majirel Glow from L’Oréal Professionnel is making these trendy, fashion tones all the more achievable, so we know we can offer them to our clients with confidence.” 

Jamie Wiley

Where To Find Her: Hard at work as CEO of Hairboss and Pureology artistic director.

Brand Clients: Target, Parsons School of Design, Zildjian

Signature Look: ”An enhanced version of themselves! Creating a signature blowout with our Pureology products that give them a memory hold that lasts throughout their event. If we want to make it more everyday we will add lived in soft textured waves and my signature, a braid! If it’s for a press event or red carpet, sleek and polished!” 

Best Hair Tip: “For all of my clients, I recommend Pureology Hydrate if they are lacking in moisture or Strength Cure if they need that added strength added back into their hair. It literally works miracles!”

Favorite Upcoming Trend: “The hair trend that we are starting to see and will continue to fall is super straight glass hair—healthy, glossy, and straight! Also, ‘80s hair is making a comeback, so rocking natural texture in a big bold way plus all the accessories. And when they are styling their hair for an event you will see loose wavy updos, leaving pieces of hair out around the face. A nod to the 90's but with more of a purpose that it will look good whether you're on the red carpet or at business meetings.” 

Nick Stenson

Where To Find Him: Launching his own brush line, Curious, and working as Matrix's artistic director.

Celeb Clients: Nicky Hilton, Ashley Tisdale, Jamie King

Signature Look: “Celebrities are all about effortless beauty. Most celebs want hair that has a lot of texture and movement—think beachy waves.”

Best Hair Tip: “Many celebs love to wear hair extensions, so I will color and prep them in advance to make the day-of go seamless.”

Favorite Upcoming Trend: “I think we are going to continue to celebrate long hair—this will continue to drive the demand for extensions. As far as color, cool tone platinum shades complemented with dusty pastel tones. For shorter hair, we will see strong structured box bobs with a glass finish to show off the shine in color.”

Jo Blackwell

Where To Find Her: Masterminding the latest and greatest trends as CEO of New York City’s Dop Dop Salon or working as a L’Oréal Professionnel artist.

Celeb Clients: Kevin Kwan, Rami Malek, Josh Capon

Signature Look: "My signature look is beautiful, clean double process platinum blonde and I always work with L’Oréal Professionnel hair color. I am also well versed in chemical relaxed, straightened, and texturized hair in all ethnicities."

Best Hair Tip: “When a big change is wanted or needed for a role, my first choice is to try a wig. We then do several strand tests for color and then when we know it’s a go, we choose to proceed. Most of my celebrities have very strong looks and brands already so changes take a lot of preparation and thought.”

Favorite Upcoming Trend: “I think we will see two major trends: Extremely short pixie—cropped cuts as hair has had a trend of being overprocessed for a while now—and warmer softer, longer, tone-on-tone with subtle movement, and shiny. I think it’s time for hair to be healthy and touchable. I am very careful with my clients and very outspoken about the care of their hair. I suspect that clients will get really interested in overnight treatments and masques. I am really loving the L’Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Resurfacing Golden Masque. " 

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