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Now Your Entire Home Can Smell Like Your Favorite Shampoo

photo of at home oil fragrance

For many of us, being at the hair salon is the closest we get to a real spa on a bimonthly basis. There’s the complimentary beverage, the warm water, and the gentle hands of a professional massaging your scalp—it’s luxurious, to say the least.

That’s probably part of the reason we’re so addicted to the way our hair smells when we’re finally home from a lengthy hair appointment. It’s a fact that rings particularly true for fans of Kérastase products, which have layered scents that are not unlike personal fragrances. There’s good news for ladies who just can’t get enough: Now, you’ll have the option of helping your entire home smell similar to your favorite hair care products. Kérastase has created home fragrances. Whether you have dark brown hair or blonde, you won’t have to schedule a blowout to enjoy the feeling of the salon.

five kerastase fragrance diffusers

There are five distinct Kérastase fragrances—one designed to mimic each of the brand’s trademark lines. The Resistance, Elixir Ultime, Reflection, Aura Botanica, and Nutritive scents each have a unique vibe. 

Travis Valdez, Kérastase education development manager, says the formulas come in diffuser form to ensure they’re setting the mood in a larger space without overwhelming your guests.

Room diffusers are such a popular addition to the home...Since they are the first of [their] kind for Kérastase, we wanted to use the inspiration of our popular scents but not completely replicate them—those fragrances can stay with haircare.

Love a clean-smelling home? You’ll most likely want to experience Reflection. Its fresh, lemony top notes are in constant dialogue with powerful wooden touches. The scent invites a lazy day at home—daydreaming optional.

If you’re more of a zesty, get-up-and-go gal, Nutritive may be your new signature scent. Top notes of citrus give the scent its crispness and energy. Notes of lavender and white musk work to create a sense of wellbeing. Think of this as a fresh start to your Saturday morning.

Bright scents don’t appeal to all of us—sometimes, it takes a spicier musk fragrance completes the room. If that’s how you feel, turn to the Resistance fragrance. Opening up with fresh, effervescent top notes, the scent gives way to sweetness followed by delicate, flowery musk.

aura botanica kerastase fragrance diffusers

For those who like their home fragrances to come with a little pizzazz, the Aura Botanica fragrance is going to be a favorite. The zesty scent includes notes of citrus and mint—the perfect combination for making your space smell like a newly-cleaned spa.

Finally, there’s the richness of the Elixir Ultime fragrance to consider. Mandarin offers sunny top notes, melding with violet petals. The scent is grounded in sandalwood, creating an impression of sensuality and warmth.

Not sure where is best to put your fragrant diffuser? Valdez has a few suggestions when it comes to placement.

“Everyone uses home diffuser differently depending on which room they want to experience their favorite scent [in],” he says. “I’ve found having the diffuser in the entryway of my home or on the coffee table in the living room is the best place for me. I’ve also heard of placing them in the bathroom as a nice option so you can enjoy the fragrance when you’re getting ready.”

Starting in March, a complimentary home fragrance of your choice is available on www.kerastase-usa.com with purchases of $85 or more—plus free shipping—when you use a specific code at checkout. Click here for more information and to get your hands (and hair!) on this great deal. If you’d rather seek it out in person, use our salon locator to find a Kérastase salon near you.

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