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This ’Magic’ Wand Can Create Perfect Highlights In 15 Minutes

photo of woman with blonde highlights

If there’s one thing we’re all short on in the modern world, it’s time. Checking your emails on the go becomes a rushed salon appointment and eating dinner late in the evening. If it seems like the world’s moving faster every day—well, it is!

In an effort to make hair color just a tad less time-consuming, L’Oréal Professional has introduced Instant Highlights. The mind-blowing color service takes the highlight process from hours down to mere minutes. Think of it like your regular hair appointment, but sped up times 1000.

We checked in with Joshua Rossignol, a L’Oréal Professional brand ambassador artist, about the buzz around the Instant Highlights service. He says it’s the most interest he’s seen in a color technique since beginning balayage years ago.

Sounds promising, but how does it really work? Let us break it down for you.

What are Instant Highlights?

These days, beauty products often have lofty names but can’t always live up to them. Instant Highlights, however, is just that. In 15 minutes, you can have a head of highlights without moving around the salon or waiting endlessly. Pretty spectacular, right?

While all you’ll see is a seamless hair color service, Instant Highlights is actually made up of three separate products: a cream, a developer, and the Instant Highlights tool, which looks a little like a flat iron. Rossignol loves to paint on his highlights in V-shaped sections because it enables an more effortless grow-out process. Once the foils are in place, he runs the tool over the section about four times.

“This activates the lightener and brings the hair to a perfect creamy highlight,” he explains. “I love how I can do everything at my station. Not having to move the client to a heat implement or even waiting for one to become available is a huge bonus.”

No moving and hair color that’s done in 15 minutes and costs roughly what a head of partial highlights might? That’s basically our dream color service. Factor in processing times, and you’ll likely be out of the salon within an hour.

Who should try Instant Highlights?

Everyone can use time back in their day, which is why the Instant Highlights service is optimal for most people. If you’re interested in quick contouring around the face or partial highlights, you’ll want to discuss this technique with your stylist. Because the color doesn’t sit right at the root, you’ll have a beautiful grow-out process that’s relatively low maintenance.

Interestingly, your stylist loves the new service just as much as you do.

“I now can introduce a highlight service to a client booked for a haircut without adjusting my time and backing up my day,” Rossignol notes. “It’s also perfect for those clients that you know would benefit with just a taste of color and don't want too much commitment.”

Whether you’re a total commitment-phobe or a hair care devotee, Instant Highlights is worth trying out.

Interested in scheduling an Instant Highlights hair color consultation? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.