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The Winners Of The First Annual Mane Games Product Competition

photo of redken dry shampoo and mizani 25 miracle milk

It’s officially July, and normally, we’d be getting our red, white, and blue gear ready and preparing to cheer on our favorite sport in the Summer Olympics. While the 2020 Olympics is postponed, that’s not stopping us from going for the gold this summer! Here at Hair.com, we love getting into the competitive spirit.

From July 14 to July 15, we held our very first Mane Games competition, pitting our favorite hair products against each other to see which will reign supreme as the best products of all time. You, the Hair.com readers, voted—and we’re breaking down which products took the top spot in each category. Did your favorites win? Keep scrolling to find out.

Round 1: Hydrating Shampoo Vs. Clarifying Shampoo

Winner: Hydrating Shampoo

If you’re dealing with dry strands, hydrating shampoo is a must-have in your routine. Click here to find out which hydrating shampoo is right for you and shop our best selling hydrating shampoos above.

Round 2: Conditioner Vs. Deep Conditioner

Winner: Deep Conditioner

When it comes to hydrating and softening extra parched strands, deep conditioner takes the win. Click here to find out if a deep conditioner is right for your mane.

Round 3: Leave-In Conditioner Vs. Hair Primer

Winner: Leave-In Conditioner

Whether you have thick hair or a color-treated mane that’s prone to dryness, you’ll likely need more than a regular conditioner to hydrate your locks. That’s why we love leave-in conditioners for providing that extra dose of nourishment. Read on for our ultimate guide to leave-in conditioners.

Round 4: Dry Shampoo Spray Vs. Dry Shampoo Powder

Winner: Dry Shampoo Spray

Selecting a dry shampoo is like picking your favorite cocktail—there’s so many to choose from, and everyone has different tastes. If you like to stick to the basics, opt for a dry shampoo spray.

Check out our guide on how to use dry shampoo the right way. Working with curly hair? Click here for everything you need to know about dry shampoo for ringlets.

Round 5: Texturizing Spray Vs. Volumizing Spray

Winner: Texturizing Spray

When it came to texturizing spray vs. volumizing spray, Hair.com readers chose 24/7 beach hair. Click here for our guide on how to use texturizing spray like a pro.

Round 6: Light-Hold Hairspray Vs. High-Hold Hairspray

Winner: Light-Hold Hairspray

Do you like your hairspray with a long-lasting, indestructible hold or a soft-to-the-touch finish? Hair.com readers crowned light-hold hairspray the winner. For everything you need to know about light-hold hairspray, click here.

Round 7: Hair Oil Vs. Hair Serum

Winner: Hair Serum

Hair serums and hair oils are often confused, but the two serve very different hair beautifying purposes. While hair oils typically moisturize and soften your mane, hair serums are stylers that create shine, tame frizz, and add smoothness. Between the two, hair serums took the win. Check out our full breakdown of hair serums.

Round 8: Scalp Scrub Vs. Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Winner: Scalp Scrub

Shampoo and conditioner shouldn’t always be the first step in your shower routine. If your scalp needs a major detox, a scalp scrub is a must-have. Wondering how to exfoliate your scalp the right way? Click here for our full guide.

Round 9: Protein Mask Vs. Moisturizing Mask

Winner: Moisturizing Mask

Hair masks are a go-to when you’re treating yourself to some me-time (at-home spa day, anyone?). If your mane is lacking much-needed hydration, a moisturizing mask is the clear choice. Read on for a round-up of our best hair masks.

Round 10: Rinse Out Treatment Vs. Leave-In Treatment

Winner: Leave-In Treatment

Whether in the salon or at home, every hair type can benefit from a hair treatment from time to time—and Hair.com readers favor leave-in formulas! Click here for our guide to at-home and salon hair treatments.

Searching for more top hair products? Shop the best salon-quality products at Hair.com.

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