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These Five Stylists Just Won The 'Golden Ticket' Of Hairstyling

two photos of hair by matrix mentorme finalists

Have you ever imagined exactly what it would be like to make your professional dreams come true overnight? One day, you’re just going about your normal business and the next, you have a celebrity mentor and a goal in sight. While most of us don’t get a career miracle, that very thing just happened to five unique hair stylists.

This March, TV’s own Tabatha Coffey partnered with Matrix to give new stylists the chance at professional mentorship with the Matrix artistic team. Candidates submitted before and after shots to the tough-talking Australian, demonstrating hair techniques and explaining why they should be picked to help their career dreams happen.

Here’s the big news of the day from the Matrix MentorME program: Coffey has officially selected her five mentees. The group’s first trip together kicked off March 25, when they met Coffey in person and tagged along to America’s Beauty Show. This year, they’ll have the chance to participate in extended education across several areas of the hair industry—cuts, color, and business savvy included. As if that weren’t enough, they’ll also have plenty of face time over the course of the year with industry rockstars like Chrystopher Benson, Philip Wolff, and Nick Stenson (among many others!).

“The excitement of being a new stylist is something that can’t be explained and new graduates bring an energy that inspires me every day,” Coffey said in a press release. “I am so honored to be able to select from the newest crop of talent in the beauty industry and cannot wait to put them to the test in this year-long journey.”

Sound like a dream? It sure is. Pro stylists tell us again and again that their biggest key to success is to always be learning the latest hair techniques and giving their clients the trendiest cuts and colors—from dark brown hair to blonde and everything in between.

Ready to get to know the next big names in the business? Keep reading to learn more about Matrix’s MentorME winners.

Christina Pene (@thatpisceshairdresser)

Pisces she may be, but a stylist like Christina Pene is all about balance. The Emmaus, PA, resident focuses on so-good-it-can’t-be-real color that looks like it might have grown straight out of your scalp in a perfect world.

Wondering where Pene gets her color inspiration? She’s a fashion lover in her free time. The former retail management employee brings a fashion designer’s sharp eye to her hair work.

Cooper Mahanes (@coopscuts)

The key to being a great stylist is thinking the way an artist might. Let the painters splash acrylic everywhere—you’ve got scissors and a whole world of hair color opportunities. Cooper Mahanes, 22, is an excellent example of the newest wave of stylists: Bold and unapologetic.

“I’m so excited to be part of the MentorME program and learn from the industry’s best,” he says. “I am ready to grow as a stylist…and as a person.”

Follow this self-described “hair wizard” from Kansas City, MO, for dramatic colors and seriously punk rock vibes.

Jessie Trumbo (@beautybytrumbo)

When we think Las Vegas, it’s all about electric color, over-the-top emotions, and an aesthetic like nowhere else. Jessie Trumbo’s art is exactly the same way (minus the dubious slot machines). Her bright jolts of color make sense once you learn about Trumbo’s past working for a well-known makeup company—statement red lipstick, anybody?

Since enrolling in cosmetology school in 2017, Trumbo’s been living her creative dream…even when that means taking a chance or two.

"Now I’m pushing myself to accomplish all the goals I have,” she says, “in both the hair and beauty industries.”

Get ready to see these neon hair creations from a distance—just like her hometown’s famous monuments.

Jill Rae Bogers (@thejillrae)

Just call Jill Rae Bogers the queen of blondes. The Jacksonville, FL, local is known for her vivids and her pale blondes—some of the trickiest colors to create while maintaining healthy hair. Bogers, who spent more than a decade working in both makeup and retail before moving to hair, is working on building her business profile.

“I can’t wait to collaborate on shoots and be part of a team,” she says. “I’m also looking forward to perfecting my skills so I can confidently deliver excellent results for my clients.”

Florida locals, this one’s on you. Grab a spot in Bogers’ chair at Studio Sage Hair now before it’s totally booked up.

Stephanie Powell (@steph.p.hair)

When you think Stephanie Powell, picture a rainbow. The Salt Lake City native specialized in bright, saturated colors that would make even superheroes jealous. Perhaps it’s her lifelong love of everything extraterrestrial that guides her hand into creating out-of-this-world color.

“I always felt that traditional paths to success weren’t for me,” she says. “I know the MentorME program will give me the opportunity to challenge myself, work through my insecurities and face my fears.”

Need an Instagram follow who keeps you feeling inspired? Powell is the right pick.

Stay tuned to hear more about Matrix's MentorME winners. You'd better believe the sky is the limit for them!

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