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6 Haircuts That Hide A Receding Hairline

10 July 2019
Best haircuts for receding hairline
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

The day you always knew would come has finally arrived: Your hairline is receding. Don’t panic. You’re not the first man who’s looked in the bathroom mirror and tried to decide if what you’re seeing is nothing more than an optical illusion. Hair thinning is something many men experience and have been dealing with for decades.

If you're wondering what the haircut is best for a receding hairline, you've come to the right place. Luckily for you, barbers have mastered haircuts that allow you to hide your receding hairline without compromising on style. While there is no one-haircut-fits-all solution for men hoping to hide their thinning dark brown hair, there are several haircuts that will put your receding hairline out of sight and out of mind. If you need some inspiration before heading to your next barber appointment, check out these six styles that hide a receding hairline.

The Best Haircuts That Hide A Receding Hairline

photo of barber and clean shaven man

Clean Shaven

The best way to hide a receding hairline is to get rid of it entirely! Most men spend years dreading the day they’ll begin to lose their hair, but it’s a style that looks incredibly handsome on the right man. Many men are apprehensive about shaving off all of their hair fearing they don’t have the right head shape for the style. This is when it is super important to have a barber you know and trust. The barber you go to regularly should know your lifestyle, be familiar with your head shape, and be able to determine if it’s the right cut for you. For those of you willing to take the leap, you’ll be rewarded with low maintenance cut that’s bound to turn heads.

buzz cut for a receding hairline

Buzz Cut

If you’re not ready to go clean shaven but prefer to keep your hair very short, consider a buzz cut. While a buzz cut doesn’t actually hide a signs of baldness, the hair is so short that your hairline becomes far less noticeable.

photo of high fade haircut

High Fade

When your hairline begins to recede, it’s usually a slow process that begins near your temples. If you’re experiencing thinning, consider a high fade cut. Like a buzz cut, a high fade is cut so short on the sides the hairline near your temples is far less noticeable while keeping the hair on the top of your head longer. Keeping your hair longer on the top not only provides you with several styling options including a quiff or even a man bun, but also diverts the eye away from your hairline.

photo of short shag haircut

Short Shag

When your hair is thinning in the middle of your head, a combover is usually the go-to style to hide any baldness. A shag cut on short locks (think 2-3 inches long) allows you to use a similar technique by literally covering up your hairline. Style your shaggy locks to fall forward towards your forehead for an bedhead look and your friends and family will be none the wiser.

photo of caesar haircut


Caesars may not be as popular as they were in the ‘90s, but they are still a go-to cut in many barber shops. This cut is typically styled by brushing the hair forward, which covers any thinning and gives the appearance of an undefined hairline.

photo of lumberjack haircut

Lumberjack Haircut

When trying to hide a receding hairline, diversion is the name of the game. You want to bring people’s eyes away from your hairline and give them something else to look at. Enter the lumberjack cut. This manly look is similar to a high fade in that it’s cut low on the sides and left longer on top, but no lumberjack look is complete without a big beard. The beard doesn’t just look incredibly handsome—it also diverts any attention away from your hairline.

Looking for a professional haircut to help hide your receding hairline? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a barbershop near you!

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