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10 Cropped Military Haircuts That Are Perfect For Summer

02 May 2018
photo of man with cropped military haircut
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

The military is known for having incredibly strict rules when it comes to what their soldiers should look like. Beyond uniforms and weapons, the military also regulates how soldiers can wear and style their hair. Despite the strict rules, many soldiers have found ways to have fun with their hairstyles while remaining within the guidelines.

If you’re in search of a new haircut, we’ve rounded up 10 of the most stylish military haircuts around. If you’re not a soldier, don’t be surprised if your new look inspires people to salute you wherever you go—but don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us.

photo of wavy cropped military haircut

Wavy Military Crop

Let your naturally wavy hair take center stage with this wavy military crop. Your barber will taper the sides and back of your hair while allowing the hair on the top of your head to remain a bit longer. Use a product like Baxter of California’s Clay Effect Style Spray to help enhance the texture of your hair.

photo of design cropped military haircut

Design Military Crop

If you already have a military crop but think your style is due for an upgrade, ask your barber to shave a design into the side of your hair. This allows you to keep the same shape and length of your cut, while adding a cool visual element to your ‘do.

photo of curly cropped military haircut

Curly Military Crop

If dealing with long curly hair is more than you can handle but you want to embrace your ringlets, opt for a curly military crop. The short sides make your hair very easy to manage, while the length on top shows off your curls.

photo of long cropped military haircut

Long Military Crop

If you like the look of a military crop but aren’t exactly ready to part with your long locks, a long military crop is just for you. Hair that’s long on the top leaves you with tons of styling options. Throw your hair up in a man bun or opt for some trendy braids to take this style to the next level.

photo of curly quiff cropped military haircut

Curly Quiff Military Crop

A quiff military crop is the ultimate classic hairstyle. The look is not only flattering on everyone, but also allows you to flaunt your hair’s natural texture.

photo of slicked back cropped military haircut

Slicked Back Military Crop

If you have a long military crop and are running out of styling ideas, try slicking your long locks straight back. To achieve this look, simply apply a firm styling pomade like Baxter of California’s Hard Water Pomade throughout your locks and comb your hair straight back.

photo of geometric cropped military haircut

Geometric Military Crop

This style is perfect for anyone who likes to be the center of attention. Complete with contrasting lines, angles, and lengths, this geometric military crop is bound to turn heads wherever you go.

photo of spiked cropped military haircut

Spiked Military Crop

Give your style some height with a spiked military crop. To achieve this look, simply apply a firm hold styling pomade like Baxter of California’s Clay Pomade throughout your locks and style your hair upwards.

photo of grey cropped military haircut

Grey Military Crop

Who says women are the only people allowed to experiment with color? Upgrade your military crop with one of these year’s hottest colors: grey. The trendy hue is so popular because it looks good on every skin tone.

photo of caesar cropped military haircut

Caesar Military Crop

Why settle for one great hairstyle when you can have two? This cut perfectly combines the clean cut military crop with the style and length of a caesar for a classic look that never goes out of style.

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