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Why You Should Give The Mustache Trend A Try

03 April 2018
photo of man with mustache and beard

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

All things old are eventually new again. In the last year, we’ve seen the return of dad sneakers, vintage windbreaker jackets, and ‘90s hairstyles. There’s one male grooming trend that we care about a little more than all the others, however: the mustache.

Many mustache styles may remind you of the one your father wore while you were growing up, but the hairy style has made a serious return. Whether they’re thick or thin, we’re betting that the number of ‘staches increases exponentially before 2019.

Part of the mustache’s appeal lies in the fact that it’s so minimal and versatile. If you’re a man who’s normally fanatical about maintaining a baby soft jawline, the mustache is a small but meaningful step toward trying out a beard. Suffering from patchiness isn’t a problem, either, when it comes to the mustache. You’ll still get to break out the razor every day—but enjoy a bit of rebellion at the same time.

For men who normally wear full beards or even long stubble, the mustache is an interesting experiment in graphic, minimalist facial hair. You may grow to enjoy combing your upper lip ‘stache, applying wax, and trimming the edges with a razor. To be blunt, it’s an entertaining way to experiment with your appearance.

It’s safe to say that not all men feel comfortable taking a razor to their faces without a modicum of a plan. That’s where your trusted local barber comes in. We recommend letting a professional shape your mustache the first time around. To ensure you’re maintaining the style correctly, speak up! Ask plenty of questions about the technique and tools you’ll need to maintain your newfound facial hair.

Another attractive quality of the mustache? It’s temporary. If you choose to shave off every bit of your beard except the ‘stache and wear it for a single night out, the decision won’t cause you any grief. Because mustaches evoke so much ‘70s and ‘80s nostalgia, we often find men like to wear them with a sense of humor. Sport a bushy handlebar for too long and you may find yourself wearing Hawaiian shirts and solving crime in Oahu.

Let’s review, gentleman: Maximum style, but minimal effort. No commitment. If you try just one aesthetic experiment this year, make it the mustache.

photo of man with short haircut and mustache

The Old School Mustache

Welcome to the 1980s. This is your basic mustache: trimmed just above the lip and lightly shaped on either side. To ensure your ‘stache feels playful instead of stodgy, keep it short.

photo of long haired man with mustache

The Biker Mustache

Looking to inject a bad boy vibe into your style? A longer mustache can do just that, curving around either side of the mouth and suggesting you’re up to no good. To ensure you’re maintaining the correct shape, use a clear shaving formula like Baxter of California’s Beard Line-Up Shave Gel.

photo of man with thin mustache

The Goatee Combo

There’s no law mandating that a mustache has to be the only thing on your face at any given time. Instead, pair your ‘stache with a basic goatee to balance it all out.

photo of man with long hair and mustache

The Modified Door Knocker

Liking the look of some chin hair to go along with your mustache? We love a modified door knocker beard, which enables you to maintain a bit more facial hair.

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