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3 Most Popular Haircuts For Men Right Now

28 August 2017
Man gets his hair cut

Emily Arata

Senior Editor, Hair.com

As an employee of L’Oréal, Emily works with celebrity stylists to make finding the right cut, color, or style easier than ever before. She's previously written for Allure, Elite Daily, and First We Feast.

Being a man with good hair isn’t easy. Women have entire magazines dedicated to staying current, while most men rely on a friendly barber with scissors and no sense of what year it is outside.

Those days are over, friends, as long as we’re around. Men’s haircuts—and staying current on the latest styles—shouldn’t be a headache. We tracked down Baxter of California global educator Whitney VerMeer for a firsthand take on what you should be wearing. Unlike the average man, VerMeer spends her whole day thinking about hair. So, it makes sense that she has a finger on the pulse of the next big haircuts.

Relax, because there are no man buns, elaborate fades, or neon color choices here. VerMeer’s main interest is a cut that feels fresh and flatters its wearer. She broke down the three most popular styles she’s seeing now and even shared her secret source for hair inspiration.

Hair Inspiration For The Average Guy

Although women have dozens of style resources, men have only a few magazines and forums to dictate trends. So, where does a guy go to keep tabs on the current looks? According to VerMeer, the answer is probably already at your fingertips. More specifically, it’s on your phone.


“A lot of my guys find their inspiration for haircuts and hairstyles from social media...Because I use mine as a portfolio, [my clients] generally look to mine for ideas.”

Whitney VerMeer

If you’re looking for a fresh new ‘do, the hair pro has a few favorite hashtags to recommend: #mensgrooming, #menshaircut, #fade, #taper. That’s just the beginning, especially because the feed is always updating with new posts.

Still, VerMeer says it’s important to view the styles as inspiration, not something your hair professional will be able to copy perfectly. For one thing, the cut you like may not be one that would look particularly flattering on you.

“I always relate the style to [my clients],”, VerMeer explains. “A version of the cut may look good on them, but the exact cut may not be ideal for their head shape or lifestyle.”

If you happen to find a dream haircut that’s not a fit for your daily routine, it’s always worth having a conversation with your barber or stylist to find a compromise. Remember that you’re paying an artist to help you look more attractive, so giving them some degree of creative freedom can only help you.

Ready for a few of the most popular styles VerMeer is seeing now? Read on. All you have to do is call your stylist and make an appointment. Just like that, you’ll have a whole new look.

high and tight

The High And Tight Textured Crop

The first look VerMeer’s been trying quite a bit is a military-inspired style that’s not exactly what your average recruit is wearing.

“The haircut I am doing a lot of right now is a high and tight textured crop,” VerMeer says. “The best way for a guy to ask either a barber or stylist for this look would be a high fade with slight length on the top. Close to a buzz cut, but something with contrast between the sides and top.”

In other words, this cut is all about business on the sides, party on the top. Because this style includes extra length, you’ll be able to create volume and movement. Everyone will want to touch your hair.

Although the fade has enjoyed quite a bit of popularity in recent years, VerMeer is quick to crush any ideas that the style is a fad.

“I think fades are clean, crisp, and classic,” she says. “They will always be on trend. It’s the top portion of the haircut that creates a relevance to trends.”

Thinking of asking your stylist to try this style out? Before you ever sit down in the chair, VerMeer has a few caveats. The style looks best on those with thick hairlines and chiseled features. Those of you with round faces or receding hairlines may find a different style more flattering.

lived in texture

The Lived-In Look

During VerMeer’s daily cuts, she sees quite a few men who don’t want to seem too coiffed or purposely done. Just as bedhead has taken over for the ladies, lived-in hairstyles are the new cool guy move.

Instead of visiting your stylist for a cleanup every few weeks, you’ll allow the style a little more time to grow in. Although you’ll be using product to hold it in place, the resulting effect is laidback and easygoing.

“This haircut is definitely a good option for someone with a lifestyle that is not able to come in frequently and who wants a no-fuss look,” VerMeer explains. “With summer coming, more guys want to be outside versus in the chair.”

Interestingly, VerMeer says the popularity of bedhead-inspired styles is only growing. The look is easy-looking and caters to the average man’s lifestyle. There’s no word, yet, if it happens to also be meeting-appropriate. We’ll keep you updated.

forward flow

The Forward Flow

When you think of the classic men’s hairstyle, it’s probably some knockoff of a hedge fund manager’s in the 1980s. Combed back and sleek may have been in style at one point, but it’s certainly not in today’s world (that is, unless you’re a woman).

Instead of getting out your comb, VerMeer advises you to think about pushing hair the other way. She sees many clients who finger comb their hair forward at an angle. It’s a fresh take on men’s hair, one that’s flirtatious and a little daring.

“I’m a big fan of this look on the right guy,” she says. “It’s different than the overplayed trends that are currently out there.”

Notably, the forward flow isn’t just for fraternity brothers or young bankers. The style projects a kind of laidback confidence that we can’t get enough of. On a more practical note, the look can disguise a receding hairline or large forehead. Think of it like faux bangs for men.

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