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How To Use Hair Pomade Like A Pro

18 December 2017
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Emily Arata

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If you’re anything like the sitcom stereotype of a man, there’s probably no single item that strikes fear in your heart the way hair styling products do. They can look complex and ambiguously labeled. Friends, that fear is totally unwarranted. Hair stylists want to teach you the right way to use product in your daily routine.

The building block of every man styling routine is hair pomade, a substance that comes in a range of textures and can be applied to almost any head of hair for texture and hold. We spoke with Michael Mejia, brand ambassador for Baxter of California, about demystifying a product that almost every man has reason to own.

Most men can use pomades whether you have long or short hair. The most important thing in using a pomade is to know your type of hair texture.

Michael Mejia

There’ll be no reason to fear using pomade once you’ve read this guide.

Types Of Hair Pomade

Hair pomade is actually a category, not specific product. Under this umbrella, you’ll find several formulations including water-based, clay-based, and paste hair pomade. Each is designed with a specific head of hair and purpose in mind, and will have a range of formulations and holds in its own family.

If you’re looking for a pomade that’s uncomplicated and “easy to wash from the hair,” Meija recommends starting out with a water-based product. For men whose dream aesthetic is Old Hollywood or barbershop quartet, this is probably the product you’ll want to achieve the combed-back look. While water-based pomades aren’t for men with thinning hair (Meija warns that they have a tendency to make the remaining strands clump together), it’s the right fit for men with a thick head of hair.

For men with taste that falls closer to the 21st century, paste pomades may be a better fit.

“These are usually easier to handle,” Meija explains. ”They are thicker in texture and when emulsified properly in the hands make it easy to distribute through the hair. Using pastes tend to make the hair feel thicker in texture with a pliable hold. You can achieve more of a lived-in or natural look with a paste pomade.”;

Alternatively, Meija recommends a clay pomade like Baxter of California’s for men who want to create a variety of looks with a single product.

“This is like the jack knife of pomades,” he explains. “You can have a matte finish or shine finish depending on how, and the amount, you use. Once you know how to use this type of pomade you can achieve various hairstyles throughout the day without rewashing the hair and reapplying more product.”

Making Hair Pomade Part Of Your Routine

According to Meija, there’s no reason hair pomade isn’t already sitting on your bathroom sink.

“All men can incorporate pomades into their daily routine,” he says. “They will find in using the right pomade they will only have to add product to their hair once.”

One product is all it takes to get professional-approved hair. Even the most product-averse man can manage that.

Once you’ve taken the plunge, use a dime size amount of the product and warm it between your palms. Rake the pomade through your hair to style it. If you’re feeling opulent, add a blast of warm (not hot!) air from the blow dryer.

Just like that, you’ll be wondering how you ever feared hair products. Pomade is as easy as styling gets—take it from the pros.

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