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The Beginner's Guide To Caring For Your Beard

29 January 2018
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Emily Arata

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Growing a full-fledged beard is one of those items that happens to fall on the bucket list of most men. Whether you’re working in a start-up that promotes individuality or spend your days in a corporate cubicle with a strict dress code, chances are good that the thought of a lumberjack-style facial hair situation has crossed your mind more than once.

If you’re ready to embrace a furry jawline, you’ll need to know how to take care of it. Growing a thick, soft beard takes a regular maintenance routine. That’s why we brought in Josh Velazquez, Baxter of California brand ambassador and master barber, to act as your beard spirit guide on the journey.

To begin with, we see many men who aren’t sure they can grow more than peach fuzz. When it comes to the speed at which your facial hair grows, Velazquez advises patience. Everyone’s hair grows at its own pace.

The same goes for beard shape. Not all faces are suited for the classic lumberjack style, so you may have to experiment a little before finding your ideal shape.

Once your stubble begins growing in, it’s time to switch into maintenance mode. Velazquez recommends washing your beard daily along with your face—but don’t forget to add conditioner as well.

Definitely condition your beard with a conditioner….a dime-sized [dollop] of hair conditioner is just right. Condition twice a week if possible—that will keep your beard looking nice. Comb your beard throughout the day so your beard doesn’t tangle. And, lastly, add a beard lotion or a beard oil. That will insure softness and control throughout the day

Josh Velazquez

If you’re already using a physical exfoliant on your face, Velazquez notes that it’s also helpful underneath your beard. After all, your facial skin is still there under all that fuzz.

It’s not only quality products that can make or break your new beard. Regular grooming will make a big difference in how polished your facial hair looks. Velazquez recommends investing in a Baxter of California tortoise Beard Comb, clippers, and scissors to keep beard hair even.

Lastly, Velazquez recommends regular visits to a barbershop to keep your facial hair in line.

“Always keep it clean and well groomed,” he says. “Visit your local barber for your grooming needs—I would say every three to four weeks to keep it well maintained—or visit the Baxter of California website for beard tips.”

When it comes down to it, Velazquez says the main difference between scraggly facial hair and a lush beard is the amount of maintenance involved.

“Men want a nice beards but don’t always want to put an effort to make them look good,” he notes. “Invest time and a little money and you’ll see a great beard form.”

Once you’ve successfully built a beard routine, bookmark this page in case you need a refresher course. When it doubt, your trusted barber is the best source of all beard care information.

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