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13 Long Hairstyles For Men

28 August 2017
Man with long curly hair

Emily Arata

Senior Editor, Hair.com

As an employee of L’Oréal, Emily works with celebrity stylists to make finding the right cut, color, or style easier than ever before. She's previously written for Allure, Elite Daily, and First We Feast.

Long-haired men are a special kind. While others buzz off their strands and keep things cropped, these men continue to tie off their ponytails with love and deep condition their ends. Certainly, we salute their style—not to mention their unwillingness to give up their manes.

There’s only one downside to this look. It can feel as if long hairstyles for men are few and far between. There’s more the world of masculine locks than single length cuts and the occasional ponytail. If you’re proud of your length but not sure where to go next, let us introduce you to the world of layers, tapered fades, and braids.

To make sure you’re getting the best version of whatever cut you choose, make sure you’re booking an appointment with a stylist who has experience cutting lengthy men’s hair. Instagram is an excellent place to see your pro’s past work. As a rule, you should be able to see several versions of the cut you want on his or her page before clicking “book appointment.”

Ready to mix up your long look? Keep reading.

Long Quiff

Let’s start with a look for men with hair that’s long enough to reach their shoulders, but not lengthy enough to tie into a braid. For this style, you’ll want to have a working relationship with product—you’ll need to use plenty of it to sweep your strands into the perfect quiff.

Because this style sweeps back directly from the forehead, this cut is best for men who feel confident in their hairlines. Thick hair is best, especially because you’re attempting to build volume. When in doubt, the golden rule is that thick hair can be worn long, but thinning hair looks best cropped.

Side Part

Sometimes, the best hairstyle is the simplest one. It’s tempting to use your fingers to part freshly shampooed hair, but resist the habit in favor of a more professional technique Using a long-tailed comb, create a sharp, deep side part. Comb away from the part, keeping your hair as sleek as possible.

If you’re comfortable using a blow dryer, the side part is a great place to break it out. Pointing the airflow down, focus heat on either side of your part to smooth your strands and minimize frizz. Just a few minutes under the dryer should get the job done.

Wedge Cut

The wedge cut is better suited to medium length hair than the very long kind, so we cheated a little. Instead of cutting your strands straight across, your stylist will lift your hair straight out from the scalp and snip it at an angle. The result is a look that’s long at the top but tapered near the neck, like a ‘90s movie star.

Medium Length Hair

If you’re looking for a fresh style, consider swapping your lengths for a sharp, shoulder length cut. Long strands can get weighed down or dry, resulting in a mane that looks less than healthy. With sharp, freshly cut ends, you’ll be surprised at how shiny and manageable your strands feel.

Bob Cut

There’s reason why bob haircuts have traditionally the domain of edgy actors and punk superstars. The look is unexpected but flattering, especially if you’re already wrangling waves or texture. Ask for a length that just hits at chin level, so you’ll be able to tuck it behind your ears.

Shoulder Length Hair

While we’re on the subject of flattering haircuts, we’d be remiss to ignore the shoulder length cut. At this length, your strands will be naturally voluminous while still long enough to fit into a short ponytail. This cut is all the practicality without sacrificing any of your style.

We’re big fans of the versatility that comes with shoulder length hair. Braids, buns, and tails are all within reach, providing you with a million reasons not to wear the same style every day.

Shaggy Cut

Women’s long hairstyles are all about flattering the face, but when it comes to the male equivalent we like to see emphasis on effortless texture. If you prefer to hop out of the shower and go, the shaggy look is perfect for you. Invest in a light-hold hair gel and you’ll be surprised at how easy your life becomes.

Super Long Textured Hair

After a lot of talk about cropping off your inches, we’re ready to dive into the other side of the long hair world. If you’re working with curly or wavy strands, why not do the thing in the biggest, boldest way possible? Grow your hair all the way down your back at least once in your lifetime.

Center Part

On long hair, we love the look of a pin straight part. The style is simple and classic, keeping your mane from totally hiding your face. For an added style statement, ask your stylist for face-framing layers to add movement to your hair.

Curly Cut

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: Curly haired men deserve more love, especially at hair salons. Whether you’re working with chin length hair or a full mane of curls, do yourself a favor and see a stylist who specializes in curls. He or she will cut your hair dry, crafting the most flattering look for you.

French Braids and Cornrows

Cornrows are one of the most well-known ways for men with textured hair to wear their manes long, but we find that the style can become a little stale over time. If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your look, we recommend mixing a few French braids into your cornrow look.

Long and Sleek

There’s nothing more attractive than a man who knows his way around a blow dryer, especially one with long hair. If you’re working with mid-back length, don’t be afraid to wear it straight and shiny. Pro tip: To minimize frizz, point the air stream of your blow dryer straight down while finishing up your look.

Chin Length and Layered

Here’s a timeless style that’s flattering on anyone with a solid hairline. Using hair gel or pomade on medium length hair, comb the strands straight back. Tuck any excess strands behind your ears, making sure to create volume at the crown of the head. With any luck, you’ll be mistaken for an A-list actor.

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