Wavy Hair For Men: The 7 Trendiest Styles To Try This Year
Styling Inspiration for Men’s Hair

7 Trendiest Wavy Hairstyles For Men In 2018

13 March 2018
photo of man with wavy hairstyle
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

When people talk about wavy hair, they’re almost always referring to women. But, let’s face it, ladies aren’t the only ones with luscious, wavy locks. Men have been rocking killer wavy hairstyles for centuries and it’s about time they finally get some credit. If you’re looking for some wavy hair inspiration for men, we’ve rounded up seven styles you’re bound to love.

photo of high top wavy hairstyle

Long Top Fade

Can’t decide between long and short hair? Consider a long top fade. You barber will fade the sides and back of your hair, cutting them very close to your scalp. The hair on the top of your head will be left about 2 to 3 inches long, allowing you to continue to style your waves however your heart desires.

photo of textured crop wavy hairstyle

Textured Crop

When your waves are unruly and you prefer a more polished look, opt for a close cut like a textured crop. Ask your barber to cut your hair low on the sides and the back of your head, leaving about a half inch of hair on the top of your head. The remaining hair will be more than enough to show off your waves and half the work to maintain.

photo of brushed back wavy hairstyle

Brushed Back Waves

Slicked back styles aren’t only reserved for men with straight locks, they also look amazing on men with wavy hair. While men with straight hair use gel to create a brushed back look, we suggest men with wavy hair opt for a clay styling pomade. The pomade will hold your hair in place, without forcing your waves to lay close to your scalp.

For this look, work a clay styling pomade through your locks and brush them back.

photo of long and wavy mens hairstyle

Long Waves

If you can’t get enough of your wavy texture and want to fully embrace it, opt for long locks. Growing out your hair doesn’t take much work but if you want your long locks to have style, head to the barbershop or hair salon for some long layers. Your new cut will have lots of movement, which will make your waves look more stylish than you ever thought possible.

photo of mid length wavy hairstyle

Mid-Length Waves

If you love the look of long hair, but don’t have the time it takes to style, consider a mid-length cut. Mid-length hair is the sweet spot for wavy locks. It’s long enough to put your amazing waves on display, but not so long that you have to spend hours tending to it each week. Ask your barber or stylist for some soft layers to create movement and you’ll have a style you can’t get enough of.

photo of mens wavy hairstyle

Grey and Wavy

Grey hair used to just be a sign of aging, but now it’s one of the most on-trend hair colors you can have. Your wavy hair will only look even more stylish as your hair begins to grey. If you’re too impatient to wait for the greying process to begin naturally, head to the salon and ask for a salt and pepper color service.

photo of wavy man bun mens hairstyle

Wavy Man Bun

Sometimes you want all of your hair up and out of your face, and what better way to accomplish that than with an on-trend man bun. All this look requires is a hair elastic and some styling pomade. To ensure your man bun isn’t plagued with flyaways, smooth a medium-hold styling pomade over the top of your hair. Then, gather all of your hair in your desired position and create a bun. Secure the bun with your hair elastic.

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