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Natural Hair: How To Make Sure Yours Survives The Winter

photo of woman with naturally curly hair

With all of the wild ”irregularities and twists” of curly hair, it is actually a very delicate hair type according to Céline Marquet-Gonzales, French hair expert and brand ambassador for Mizani. Your unique texture can easily dry out, becoming prone to brittleness and breakage.

With the right products and techniques, however, she says it’s easy to keep your natural curls looking and feeling healthy in the face of cold weather. This is our official natural hair care guide to keep your hair from experiencing the winter blues.

First, take a moment to ponder over whether or not your usual hair care routine is already the most effective approach and where you can fit in those much-needed winter-specific treatments. Here’s a good guideline on what to do for your hair type:

Thoroughly cleanse your hair with a wash product such as Mizani Puriphying Intense Cleansing Shampoo. Follow with a normal conditioner to maintain your hair’s natural balance without stripping away its moisture.

As part of your weekly beauty routine, Marquet-Gonzales recommends using a mask or leave-in treatment like Mizani 25 Miracle Milk.

“A leave-in product like this is significantly more intensive than any of your ‘normal’ hair care products, so it will reward you with richer benefits,” she notes, reminding us that your hair will probably appreciate anything above and beyond the normal shampoo-and-conditioner routine.

When it comes time to dry your hair, use this drying technique for curly hair:

“Once you’ve applied all of your products including your leave-in treatment, make sure that you leave your hair soaking wet,” Marquet-Gonzales says. “Then, use a silk scarf or microfiber wrap and create a pineapple with all of your hair on top of your head. It is essential that you do not take your hair down until it is completely dry.”

When it doubt, keep your fingers away from your curls.

“You can use your fingers to rearrange your kinks, but generally the more you touch, the more you frizz,” Marquet-Gonzales explains.

It’s best to seek professional products in order to ensure your hair care routine is ready for winter. Marquet-Gonzales really loves the True Textures range by Mizani. Specialty items like the Curl Define Pudding and Twist and Curl Jelly work with extremely tight coils and curls to enhance shape and shine. It’ll make you proud to rock your natural beauty.

Follow these steps from the professionals for an intensive hair care routine that will help make winter-worn hair a thing of the past.

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