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The Best New Products And Trends For April 2019

new hair products april
Spring has a funny effect on beauty hoarders. As soon as that first 60-degree day hits, we fling open the windows and fight the urge to pitch our beauty supply stashes in the trash. With beach days and long vacations on the horizon, the last thing anyone wants to do is become high-maintenance.

This month, Hair.com is all about low effort, high reward style—which means you can claim a little extra time as a luxurious gift to yourself. Go ahead…hit snooze, shower at night, and try a color with less maintenance. You deserve it. In the meantime, read on to see the tools and trends that will propel you straight through April and into summer.


new hair products april

L’Oréal Professionnel Source Essentielle

It’s 2019 and we’re all looking for an easy way to be kinder to the planet…so enter L’Oréal Professionnel’s Source Essentielle collection.

new hair products april

Honey Brown Hair

There’s no mousiness to be seen here! Honey brown combines everything you love about the rich, warm blonde that’s been so trendy with the low maintenance nature of brunette hair. This glossy shade is the perfect one to help you segway from high-contrast winter hair into something more natural looking for summer.


new hair products april

Festival Hair Care

You braved the digital line to buy festival tickets in some far-flung climate that may or may not be the opposite of where you live. What now? We’ve pulled tips from the most influential stylists in the industry to guide you through every step of the festival—so that you leave looking like an off-duty model, not a desert warrior having an off day. From which hair masks to use to how to keep your hair looking cute for Instagram, this quiz will give you the advice you need to get the hair you want.


new hair products april

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

With festival season comes our second-favorite time of the year: hair glitter season. If you’re going to be frolicking outside, you might as well dump sparkles on your head beforehand! Whether you prefer spray, goo, or something in-between, the editors of Hair.com have handpicked the best of the bunch.


new hair products april

Drugstore V. Salon Gloss

The products on drugstore shelves seem to get better and more beautiful every year, making it hard to distinguish the difference between a budget pick and something you could get done in a salon. What’s a devoted salon-goer to do? We asked a pro about whether or not drugstore gloss is really all it’s cracked up to me—you’ll want to get this scoop.

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