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The Best New Products And Trends For January 2019

new hair products january

Welcome to 2019! This month, Hair.com is all about fresh trends, styles, and ways to get a reset before diving into the new year. From your own personal journey—we’re talking giveaways, gym styles, and hot colors—to the wider world of hair, expect January to be an adventure in stepping out of your comfort zone to try a cut or product that’s new to you.

To get the lowdown on the best new products and trends for January, keep reading.


Hair Color Transformation Quiz

The first thing we do after New Year’s Day ends is call our stylists. Suddenly, the color on our heads never seems right for the person we’d really like to be in the next year.

Don’t just click aimlessly through color roundups—take our consultation quiz, instead. We’ve teamed up with some of L'Oréal Professionnel's most talented stylists to help you find the personalized shade for your hair color goals, needs, and desired maintenance level.


New Hair, New You Giveaway

What would the new year be without a chance to get goodies for free? To start January off with bang, we’ll be giving away everything you need to achieve your fitness goals. Starting January 7 to win a set of workout clothes, a yoga mat, and select products from Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Reset collection.

Don’t worry—we’ll be back with updates when the giveaway goes live.


Gym Hair Tutorials

If you’re back in barre, kickboxing, or spin for the first time since the holidays, we’re well aware the new routine can require some readjustment. Tackle it head-on with hairstyles that can travel to your favorite workout and out again afterward—no blowouts required.

Grab your hair elastics and get ready to learn a few pro-approved tricks for styling on the go.


Redken Triple Dry 15 Texture Finishing Spray

In the new year, we’re not accepting anything less than tousled, sexy hair with minimal effort. January is the month to learn the best way to use Redken’s Triple Dry 15 Texture Finishing Spray in both updos and daily styling.


Going Gray The Natural Way

With the silver hair trend in full swing with no sign of stopping, many women who’ve gone gray or white as part of the aging process are second-guessing their decision to color their natural shade.

We’re consulting an expert about the best way to transition from color to an au naturel lifestyle, including the best products to keep your hair looking reflective and feeling manageable.

Baby Bangs

Just about everything from the ‘90s has returned by this point, so why not baby bangs? Punk-influenced fringe is edgy, unexpected, and youthful. Our experts will teach you how to ask for them in a salon, how often you’ll need them trimmed, and (of course) how to get them to lay flat.

Interested in personalized hair care advice? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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