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The Best New Hair Products And Trends For July 2019

photo of best new hair product shu uemura art of hair muroto volume and woman with fire hair curls
It’s the best time of year: deep summer. While the afternoons may be humid, we wouldn’t trade weekends spent at the pool or napping in the sun for anything. You know what else is spending a lot of time dunked in chlorine or sitting in the sun? Our hair. Whether dark brown, blue, or pink, it's been through some things since the weather turned warm!

Ever the fairy hair-mothers we are, this month we’re focusing on the best new hair products and trends for July 2019. Get ready for some serious midsummer night’s inspo.

Fire Hair

Look seriously smoking with the help of fire hair, a trend that’s completely taken over Pinterest. The look starts with deep red or brunette and the roots that fades down into spicy yellow or blonde. In other words, this is a hair color for the bold! Follow our guide to learn how to get it and which look is for you.

Moisturizing Products

We love anything that’s going to make our hair look model-perfect and help speed up our hair care routine, which is why Mizani’s Moisture Fusion is our ride-or-die hair care system for very curly and coily hair. Don’t let those ringlets dry out in the sun—nourish them with the help of a specially formulated line of hair products!

Knotless Braids

Braiding fanatics, this is your moment! Knotless braids, a box braiding technique that makes the sections appear as if they grow straight from the scalp, has taken social media by storm—and let us tell you, it’s love at first Instagram like.

Color Correction For Everybody

You’d think that dying your hair a new color would be the end of hair maintenance, but salon pros know it’s just the beginning. Confused about whether to use blue or purple shampoo for your blonde or brown hair? Relax, our experts have you covered. We’ve delivering you the full guide on color correction for every kind of hair.

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Muroto Volume

Styling fine hair is like trying to build a full-size house out of popsicle sticks: practically impossible. If you’re looking for hair care that helps make your mane bigger while simultaneously helping to strengthen and moisturize, you’re looking for Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s Muroto Volume line—the newest addition to the line arriving in July.

Can't wait to find try the latest trends? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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