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The Best New Hair Products And Trends For March 2019

woman with medium brown hair trying best new products for march

It’s March, and with a new month comes a fresh outlook on hair. We’re eagerly anticipating spring and the beauty changes that come with it: light blondes, pastel shades, and air drying our manes during the walk into work. It’s incredible how beautiful the world is when temperatures start heating up!

This month, we’re bringing you the best new hair products and trends for March. While we wait for spring, we’re focusing on show-stopping hair color and habits that keep our manes looking glossy as can be.

Keep reading to learn what’s headed your way this month on Hair.com.

keep me vivid shampoo and conditioner

Acidic Hair Care

Certain hair types and colors can benefit from the addition of acidic hair care to help balance out their pH. We spoke to George Papanikolas, Matrix expert stylist, for his take on the shampoo you need to keep your mane healthy—and what Matrix’s Total Results Keep Me Vivid system can do about it.

woman with snickers hair color

Snickers Shake Hair Color

Feeling hungry? Let Snickers shake hair color serve as your calorie-free treat. We’re predicting this caramel-accented brunette shade is going to be a big winner in the upcoming months. Dark brown hair is happening in a big way!

woman with ribboning hair color

New Highlighting Techniques

Whether you’re talking teasylights or a money piece, we’re hunting down the latest highlighting techniques to help keep your mane light and bright in March. Ryan Pearl, celeb-beloved stylist and Redken brand ambassador, has the expert take on how to upgrade your color.

Not sure which highlights are for you? Our upcoming quiz can solve that problem.

woman with metallic hair

Metallic Hair Color

Like an old ex-boyfriend, we just can’t be bothered to worry about matte hair colors. This month, our attention is on metallic hair colors. These shiny, multifaceted shades can take pastels and silvers to the next level.

healthy food in a jar

Hair-Boosting Foods

You are what you eat—and we’re keeping it green. Learn which of the best foods for hair can help keep your body looking good this spring.

Interested in trying something new with your hair this month? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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