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The Prettiest Long Haircuts To Make You Feel Like A Glamazon

Woman with long curly hair
Short hair was all of the rage in 2018, but it’s a new year and we’re ready to embrace a totally new vibe. If you’re thinking of growing your short ‘do into super long locks this year, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for long layers or androgynous hairstyles, we’ve got you covered with the 15 prettiest long haircuts to make you feel like a movie star.

Long Layers

If you love long locks, chances are good you’ve had layers before. Long layers are one of the most popular long haircuts, and for good reason: They look good on every hair type and add some much-needed movement to your lengthy strands.

Face-Framing Afro

When it comes to textured hair, our motto is the bigger, the better! This face-framing afro allows your hair to reach new heights while making sure your beautiful face remains the center of attention.

Curly Bangs

We know what you’re thinking: The ‘80s called and they want their bangs back. These aren’t the bangs your mom wore to aerobics class. The modern iteration of curly bangs is all about embracing your natural texture—no teasing required.

Face-Framing Layers

We love layers of all kinds, but if we had to pick a favorite it would be face-framing layers. The gradual layers make your hair look bouncier than ever and allow you to pull off tons of hairstyles from blowouts to updos.

Long Locks With Full Fringe

If you’re looking to update your long haircut but don’t want to get rid of any length, consider a full fringe. The dramatic addition is the perfect way to switch up your look and bring attention to your dazzling eyes.

Curly Layers With Curly Bangs

Layers and curly bangs are two of our favorite trends, so why not combine them for one killer haircut?

Blunt Cut

Layers are all about movement, but sometimes you just want your hair to look full. That’s where a blunt cut come in. Blunt lines may seem harsh, but they’re the perfect way to show off how thick your strands truly are.

Long Layers With Curtain Bangs

If you can’t imagine parting with your long locks but love the idea of face-framing layers, consider curtain bangs. You can keep your locks as long as your heart desires and still have all of the face-framing benefits of curtain bangs.

Graduated Layers

Graduated layers aren’t just for ladies with bobs and lobs. If you love the look of a geometric lob but can’t part with your princess-like locks, graduated layers may be perfect for you.

Layers With Textured Ends

Layers are all about movement, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from even more texture. Combining layers with textured ends creates a sexy, disheveled look you won’t be able to get enough of.

Long Locks With Androgynous Bangs

Long strands are often considered feminine, but you can totally slay an androgynous cut without getting rid off too much length. Ask your stylist to pair your long strands with super short androgynous bangs. If you really want to personalize your look, ask your stylist to shave a design into the side of your head.

Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are one of the hottest trends in 2019. They are not for the faint of heart, but those willing to take the plunge will be rewarded with a chic style that looks like it came straight off the runway.

Textured Ends

Long locks can sometimes look and feel very heavy. If you want to give your hair some movement and get rid of a little extra weight, ask for textured ends.

Side Swept Bangs

We love the versatility of side swept bangs. Sweep them to the side for a sultry look, part then down the middle for face-framing layers, or let them hang loosely from your ponytail for a casual style.

Blunt Curly Cut With Layers At The Crown

Blunt cuts are great at making your hair appear full, while layers add some much-needed movement. Why choose one, when you can have the best of both worlds?

Interested in a glamorous long haircut? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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