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This Vinegar Rinse Is The Refresh Your Hair Has Been Waiting For

photo of woman rinsing hair in shower

Right after you get a killer blow out, you know you’ll do anything to make your flawless ’do last as long as possible. So you pack on the serums to help repel humidity and spray on dry shampoo to refresh your look and by day three, you’ve got some major product build up. No matter how many times you wash your hair, it just doesn’t feel clean. It’s almost as if you can feel the film of your hair products clinging to your strands. When a clarifying shampoo just won’t do the trick, it’s time to break out the heavy duty products.

Meet Pureology’s Vinegar Hair Rinse. Pureology’s Vinegar Hair Rinse takes all of the clarifying properties of apple cider vinegar and pairs them with ingredients like Cactus Pear Flower Extract, to create a vinegar rinse formula that will remove any buildup. Jacqueline Lusignan, director of education and training at Pureology, explains why the vinegar hair rinse is exactly the refresh your hair has been waiting for.

What is a vinegar rinse?

The vinegar that you have in your kitchen cabinet can be used for much more than salad dressing, it can also gently clean and refresh your hair. It’s a little like the makeup-removing micellar water products that saturate the beauty industry as of late. While vinegar and micellar water have the same purpose when used on hair—helping to gently remove any buildup from your hair and scalp—they accomplish said goal a little differently.

The Pureology Vinegar Hair Rinse also has Cactus Pear Flower Extract in its formula. Lusignan says the extract is rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E, which helps your hair maintain moisture while adding shine and keeping your color looking vibrant.

Beauty bloggers and influencers have been singing the praises of rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar for years, but Lusignan warns against the potential side effects associated with DIY rinses.

“Apple cider vinegar rinses are great for clarifying but are very strong and can actually strip the hair of some of the good things like naturally occurring oils as well your color. Pureology’s Vinegar Hair Rinse removes only the build-up of product and minerals,” she says.

While you may skipped DIY vinegar rinses in the past because of their strong smell, this vinegar rinse smells nothing like the vinegar in your kitchen.

“While the DIY version will leave the lingering smell of vinegar, Pureology is dedicated to creating a pleasant experience with its signature aromatherapy fragrances,” Lusignan says. “The new Vinegar Hair Rinse has a light, floral scent and no harsh vinegar smell.

How should you incorporate the vinegar rinse into your hair care routine?

The simplest answer is: It depends on your hair.

“While we recommend using the vinegar rinse one to two times per week, you can absolutely use it more or less often without any negative effects,” Lusignan says. “Those who struggle with excessively oily hair or whom have fine and feel that a traditional conditioner weighs them down may choose to use the vinegar hair rinse at every wash.”

The Pureology Vinegar Hair Rinse can be used with any shampoo and conditioner, but Lusignan recommends what she calls a “Sunday detox” if your locks are in desperate need of TLC.

“Begin with shampooing the hair with Pureology Purify...then, apply the Vinegar Hair Rinse to seal the cuticle, hydrate the hair, and add shine. Lastly, follow with the Pureology SuperFoods Treatment of your choice for the ultimate hair refresh,” Lusignan says.

Is a vinegar hair rinse right for you?

The best part about the vinegar rinse is that it can be a good fit for all hair types.

“What so great about this product is that it has different benefits for different hair types. If you have coarse hair, it helps to seal the cuticle, creating a smooth, shiny surface,” Lusignan explains. “If you have fine hair, you can use it to detangle the hair without the added weight of conditioner.”

Now, whenever you need to bust through some major dirt, oil, and product build-up you’ll know the Pureology’s Vinegar Hair Rinse is exactly the refresh your hair needs.