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Editor's Pick: Redken No Blow Dry Hair Cream Review

photo of woman with wavy hairstyle

Many people have hair that behaves like a well-trained poodle: It lays flat on command, doesn’t cause to much noise, and rarely gets out of control. On the other hand, there are those of us who fight a daily battle with hair that seems to have a mind of its own—like my hair. For years, I’ve ping-ponged between straight and curly products. My hair is healthy and thick, but frizzes up at the merest hint of humidity in the air and has the unique ability to expand over the course of the day.

When summer rolled around, our friends at Redken shared a complimentary sample of their No Blow Dry Just Right Cream with me. The light, creamy product is formulated to help give medium hair a faster air dry with effortless texture and a no-product feel. After months of busting out my round brush and heat primer every morning, I set out on my air dry journey. (Incidentally, my go-to heat styler is Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Spray, which I received courtesy of the brand.)

Follow along to see how my heat diet went.

Applying No Blow Dry

When I began incorporating No Blow Dry into my hair routine months ago, I felt wary of dropping all the Holy Grail styling products in my medicine cabinet for just one cream. In actuality, using it cut some serious time out of my routine in the morning before work.

On the days I wash my hair, I start with a frizz-busting shampoo and conditioner duo in the shower (or, at the gym, a more generic formula). After gently and thoroughly scrubbing my scalp, I rinse and twist my hair to get as much of the water as possible. Fresh out of the shower, I wrap my hair in a soft towel and go about my daily business—applying sunscreen, body lotion, and the like. After about ten minutes, I unwind my towel turban. Everyone feels differently about their air-dried waves, but I’ve always found that they dry best when I touch them the least. I’ll use my fingers to create a rough part and give my hair another five minutes of free drying.

Now comes the time for styling. I use somewhere between a pea and a dime-sized amount of product, squeezing it into my palm before rubbing my hands together. Starting at about the mid-lengths of my hair, I rake my hands through to distribute the product. I have a feeling this is a smart way to do it since most of the product is off by the time I move on to running my hands through my roots. It seems less likely my hair will get oily-looking halfway through the day.

Once all the product is evenly distributed throughout my hair, I wash my hands and lightly adjust and strands that seem wonky. For an extra polished finish, I sometimes tuck my hair behind my ears and leave it that way.

Wearing No Blow Dry

My best tip for wearing No Blow Dry out into the world is to not touch your hair while it dries. Maybe give it a little scrunch right at the time of application, but know that messing with it too much will only cause frizz. As my hair dries, I see soft waves and plenty of volume develop. When I sense my ‘do is mostly dry, I’ll run my hands through it to help add bounce.

Since beginning to wear No Blow Dry to my office on a daily basis, friends and coworkers have gone out of their way to compliment my shiny, wavy hair. You know how often they did that when I blew my hair out? Roughly never.

The best part of No Blow Dry is the way it immediately fit into my routine, both at home and in the office. Tossing it in my gym bag guarantees I don’t have to use the run-down gym hair dryers, while it’s light enough I can plan to shampoo every other day.

Should you try No Blow Dry?

If you’re a woman who loves no-makeup makeup and self-tanners that make you look only lightly sunkissed, No Blow Dry will probably be right at home in your routine. I love the way it makes my hair look like there might not be any product in it—like maybe I’m just genetically blessed. Those who fear crunchy products will have no complaints, especially since it comes in three formulas for different hair types: Just Right Cream, Airy Cream, and Bossy Cream.

Redken’s No Blow Dry has a permanent home in my beauty bag. What’s stopping you from trying it?

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