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Editor's Pick: Redken Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Spray

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I’m all about bedhead—purposeful, adult-approved bedhead. Since I’m not in middle school, I can’t really get away with rolling straight off my mattress and into the office without brushing my hair (a real shame). Instead, I’ve developed a daily hair routine that helps me get that sexy, tousled texture I crave and keeps me startup office appropriate. On dark brown hair, my new favorite go-to product keeps me looking cool and arriving to work on time.

Read on to learn about my new hair routine and Redken Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Spray, the foolproof formula gifted to me as compliments of the brand for review helps me achieve instant volume and grip—not to mention airy lift that doesn’t feel powdery.

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How To Use Redken Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Spray

There are two things about my hair texture that define every style I try: I have pretty much uncontrollable waves that hate being washed and oily roots that demand the opposite—quite the conundrum for a hair aficionado like me. To meet both needs, I try to keep my shampoo routine to every other day and give my follicles a chance to rest in between.

On a day I’m washing my hair, I’ll thoroughly shampoo and condition before letting my hair air dry most of the way. With warm weather on the horizon (I swear, I can almost imagine the sun on my skin), I’ve been craving a more polished look for the office—a decision that required digging my hair dryer out of a storage container underneath my bed frame.

After applying a heat protectant, I’ll rough dry my hair most of the way before using an oversize round brush to pull my hair taut and style a slight flippy bend into the ends of my hair. After I’ve styled my entire head (a routine fondly known as the lazy girl blowout), I’ll take extra time to ensure the sections at the top of my head have extra volume by pulling up with tension on the brush as I dry the root.

Once those essential pieces are totally dry, my new secret weapon comes into place. I’ll spritz Triple Dry 15 throughout my mane, focusing right at the mid-lengths to maximize the impact of the product. I’ve even been known to give my ends a quick spritz as I tousle. I love the way the light formula works to add just the tiniest bit of grip to my strands. While past attempts at trying texturizing spray have left my hair feeling tacky and sticky—ew—Triple Dry 15 leaves me with touchable texture, like I haven’t applied any product at all.

Fast forward to day two, when I wake with hair that’s still perfectly blown out but a little oily at the roots. Rather than get in the shower and scrub all of yesterday’s hard work away, I’d thank yesterday’s me for the grooming routine and enjoy the extra ten minutes wrapped in a comforter burrito. Once I finally rise from the bed, vampire-like, I brush out my bedhead and spray a bit more Triple Dry 15 at my mid-lengths, using my fingers to zhuzh my hair. It’s a genius two-minute styling hack if I’ve ever known one.

redken triple dry 15 on holographic backdrop

Why Use Redken Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Spray

I’ve tried many a texturizing spray throughout the years, so I consider myself something of an expert when it comes to products that provide oomph and much-needed drama. When it comes to my hair routine, an ultra fine mist and a gentle hold go way further than flashy packaging.

Triple Dry 15 has become the go-to product on my bathroom counter for midday pick-me-ups, morning styling, and second-day refreshers. You know a formula is good when you find yourself subconsciously reaching for it again and again!

If you have flat or lifeless hair on your first or second day between washes, turn to Triple Dry 15 for a little boost in volume and grip. On blown-out hair or even braids, this workhorse of a formula has singlehandedly reshaped my pre-work routine. Now I can enjoy my extra 10 minutes of sleep, knowing that my hair will be far from a hot mess by the time I walk into my office. What’s better than that?

Wondering if Triple Dry 15 is a good fit for your hair? Use our salon locator to book a consultation with a stylist near you.

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