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3 Flawless Red Carpet Hairstyles You Can Actually Wear In Real Life

Laura Harrier Danai Gurira Elisabeth Moss on red carpet

As lovers of all things beautiful, there’s nothing we stan quite like a gorgeous red carpet ensemble. During award season, the endless parade of starlets swanning down the carpet gives us all the hair inspo we need for the upcoming year.

Three of our favorite hair looks from last night’s red carpet belonged to actresses Danai Gurira, Elisabeth Moss, and Laura Harrier. Styled by artists representing both Matrix and Biolage, all three nominees showcased looks that are completely wearable in real life. How often does that happen?

For more info on how to make these looks work on dark brown hair colors or blonde, scroll down to see how each style was created.

Danai Gurira’s Polished Afro

Danai Gurira may be most well-known for her role as a comic book warrior, but she was all soft glam on the red carpet. The star uses publicity opportunities to showcase her natural texture, which makes her style ideal for women with coily hair.

Gurira’s ‘do was styled by Larry Sims for Biolage. The veteran stylist was inspired by the graceful feathers on the star’s neckline.

“The feathers inspired me to create a regal, textured, chic shape with her natural hair,” he explains.

Starting with wet hair, Sims applied Biolage Texturizing Styling Spray On and followed with the brand’s Curl Defining Styling Butterfor added definition. To create that incredible volume and stretch out the curl pattern, he blow-dried Gurira’s hair using a hair pick.

When it came time to create the afro, Sims gently shaped the style with the palms of his hands. Remember: Start gentle, and use more pressure if you find it’s needed. Finally, Sims applied the most important product in any red carpet situation: hairspray. He used Biolage Freeze Fix Holding Spray to ensure Gurira’s style held out all night.

Elisabeth Moss’s Glossy Blowout

Blonde bombshell Elisabeth Moss wore dark hair on TV for nearly a decade, which is why we’re always so impressed when she shows off her natural blonde. The popular actress worked with artist Sunnie Brook Jones to create a glossy, classic style for her big red carpet moment.

Because Moss’s hair is fairly straight, Jones started out with a multi-benefit product designed to protect the star’s mane. She spritzed Biolage All-In-One Coconut Infusion Multi-Benefit Spray all over damp hair before drying it with the aid of a medium ceramic brush and setting it in hair rollers. From there, we can only presume Moss put on a catchy song and danced around until it was time to get into her dress.

As everyone who’s ever invested in a blowout knows, the most important step is the last. Jones spritzed Moss’s bouncy ‘do with Biolage Complete Control Hairspray to create a natural-looking finish with hold.

Laura Harrier’s Dynamite Waves

Unlike other stars, Laura Harrier never skimps on bringing the drama. The up-and-coming star leverages red carpet events as a way to get noticed for her colorful style and sharp minimalism. For this particular event, Harrier worked with stylist Jennifer Yepez to modernize the traditional Hollywood waves with Matrix products. If you have fine or thin hair, you’ll want to tune into this one—like many stylists, Yepez utilizes hair extensions to help create the illusion of fuller hair on her clients.

Starting with damp hair, Yepez applied Matrix Smooth Setter and Volume Builder Mousse before sectioning off Harrier’s mane and beginning to dry it. Once the hair was completely dry, the stylist began installing clip-in extensions—a real miracle for hair that looks thin or flat.

Once all the hair was in place, Yepez whipped out her curling iron, using a large-barreled iron to create oversize waves. To enhance the modern look of the curly hair, the stylist made sure to leave out the ends and thoroughly brush out the hair after she finished styling.

Finally, Yepez used a trick many girls already rely on at home: She applied Matrix Shape Switcher to Harrier’s edges and used a toothbrush to lay them flat before following with a few spritzes of Style Fixer at the hairline to help calm any flyaways. Instead of finishing the style right away, Yepez used low heat to set the hairspray and help ensure hours-long hold no bright lights or sweaty parties can ruin.

Before setting Harrier free, the stylist brushed out the hair once more and added a final layer of Matrix Volume Fixer Hairspray all over. This look is a perfect example of using the right products to lock your style in place all night.

Want to try one of these looks for a special occasion of your own? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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