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Salon Spotlight: SF Color Collective In San Francisco, CA

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the real world looked just a little more like Pinterest on a daily basis? The soothing pastels, bright windows, and artfully chosen accessories omnipresent on social media relax the soul and help build a creative vibe.

If freedom to play is what you want in a hair salon, look no further than SF Color Collective in San Francisco, CA. The woman-owned business was founded by stylists Jessica Sclamberg and Priscilla Kangas, two experts looking to bring better hair to the Bay Area. The location isn’t just beautiful, either—it’s actively giving back. Through a commitment to sustainability and advocacy, SF Color Collective rethinks what a hair salon can be.

In need of a haircut or color that inspires you? Read on. From balayage to precision cutting, you’re sure to find a professional who can help.

The Location

With its bright white walls and tasteful gold accents, a newcomer might mistake SF Color Collective for a trendy coffee shop, a jewelry store, or an influencer’s artfully decorated studio. While the salon makes a visual impression on visitors, there’s a little more behind the mission than initially meets the eye. What began as an education company has evolved into a full-service salon that reflects the priorities and passions of Sclamberg and Kangas.

“Our mission has also expanded to include our desire to positively impact the lives of those around us,” the pair say in a statement. “We consciously create conversation and initiate positive action around the social, economic, personal and professional decisions we make every day.”

Like many companies that have tailored their brands to include a focus on sustainability, the hair salon has made a commitment to align with companies and services that are eco-friendly. The business is so committed, in fact, that it regularly hosts pop-ups in-salon for budding brands. Don’t expect any froufrou causes, either—Sclamberg and Kangas are serious about bringing attention to some of today’s most heated issues.

“Our current pop-up shop features The Caliber Collection, a company that uses the metal and shell casings from illegal guns swept from inner city crime scenes in America and turn them into bracelets, bangles, and cufflinks. The proceeds from their jewelry sales funds future public safety and buyback initiatives to get illegal handguns out of circulation,” the owners explain.

The Brand

It isn’t just the pop-up shops that speak to the salon’s overall mission. Sclamberg and Kangas believe in a comprehensive vision for the salon that focuses on sustainability. As a result, SF Color Collective partners with Green Circle Salons to keep its waste in check.

“Green Circle Salons provides us with the opportunity to send our salon waste to an environmentally friendly recycling facility. The recycling includes foils, plastic, hair clippings, cotton, and excess color,” the owners say.

Additionally, the salon’s sinks are fitted with customized nozzles minimize wasted water.

“We have also joined forces with Ecoheads, a company that provides eco nozzles for our shampoo bowls to reduce our water usage by 65 percent,” they say.

The Products

With all this commitment to a better world, it makes sense that the brains behind SF Color Collective choose brands as thoughtful as they are. The salon primarily features L’Oréal Professionnel color and Kevin Murphy products. The latter are packaged in recyclable or biodegradable bottles.

Furthermore, the brand’s dedication to giving back aligns with SF Color Collective’s charitable inclinations.

“The Kevin Murphy company’s philosophy aligns with our core values and beliefs. They fund charities that focus on human and environmental issues that are close to our heart,” the owners say. “Their ingredients are sustainable and are harvested utilizing methods that do not cause harm to the environment.”

From the beginning of your visit to the end, expect to see the owners’ commitment to ethical hair care carry through.

The Details

SF Color Collective is located at 1808 Union St, San Francisco. To book an appointment, call 415-529-1861 or visit Follow the salon on Instagram and on Facebook for more information.

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