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Should I Cut My Hair? How You Can Know When To Chop

photo of woman getting haircut should I cut my hair

It’s a dilemma as old as modern civilization: to cut or keep your hair length? Spending months or years whispering sweet nothings to your precious ends can lead to a serious relationship with your hair. The longer it gets, the more challenging it is to part with.

And yet! There are so many stylish bobs and lobs to be tried, and so many new hairstyles to conquer. How can you reinvent yourself if you can’t part with your length? If the question “should I cut my hair” has been tugging at some far corner of your brain for some time, leave it up to us to find a reason for you to do it.

Wondering when the appropriate time to schedule an appointment is? Keep reading.

Hair Health

There are plenty of reasons for cutting your hair, but we find they can generally be broken down into three categories. The first: You’ll always need to cut your hair if you want it to feel as healthy and look as beautiful as possible.

Hair is delicate, which means daily heat styling, brushing, and rubbing against pillows and clothing can take its toll. Those ends are usually the first to go, whether they begin splitting or break off one at a time. Plenty of styling products can help your ends feel freshly cut (ahem, Pureology's Strength Cure Split End Salve), but nothing can repair ends that have already split besides a date with your stylist’s shears.

It’s a common misconception that to grow your hair long, you need to totally eschew the salon. That’s not the case! Regular trims or dustings can preserve your length without allowing your ends to fall into total disrepair.

Length is one thing, but haircuts can also play a significant role in keeping your texture happy. If you’re starting notice that your ringlets don’t bounce in quite the way they once did or that your hair is lying flatter than usual, it may be time to free your mane from that extra weight. We also recommend investing in a styler like Redken’s Dry Shampoo Powder 02 (coming soon!) to help refresh your hair between washes.

Rethinking Your Vibe

Of course, not all long hair is damaged or unhealthy. It may be shiny and silky, but still a little tiring. That’s the thing about going without a haircut for too long: It can start to make you feel stagnant. Just the way you try new styles of clothing and retool your sense of fashion every few years, we recommend giving a brand new hairstyle a shot. After all, there are no big stakes—it’ll grow right back.

It’s not just cut that can get mind-numbing, either. Dabbling in fresh color—be it cool pink or something a little moodier—might require a new ‘do. If you’ve spent years as a blonde or some pastel shade, the many color lifting session may have left you with crunchy ends that your stylist would rather not take into your next color session. This is the time to embrace a new length, whether that means just a trim or that stylish blunt bob celebrities keep making look so easy.

Changing Seasons

Living in a location that boasts all four seasons is a blessing until it’s a curse. If the transition from balmy spring to sweaty summer has you pulling your hair into a top knot every day, it may be time to investigate your options. Sharp pixie cuts or even lobs can look effortless on their own, so no need to spend time braiding or bunning to get your hair off your neck.

Of course, every head of hair is unique. The only way to really know whether or not it’s time for a cut is to schedule a consultation and take the time to establish a few hair goals with your stylist. Best of luck!

For more information about customized haircuts, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.