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Should You Shave Your Down-There Hair? We Asked A Pro

woman with shaved pubic hair in bikini bottom
On an average day, we’re laser-focused on the hair that sits right at the tops of our heads. Styling, coloring, and maintaining our beloved ‘dos occupies a place at the forefront of our minds—and wallets. We’re so wrapped up in the hair growing above our eyebrows that we’re likely to forget it’s not the only hair on our bodies—down there, our hair still deserves some love.

Wondering if you should shave your pubic hair or keep it? Dye it or vajazzle it? You’re not the only one. In recent years, it seems like everyone is doing a different thing with theirs. To get the low-down on pubic hair maintenance, we spoke to an expert on the subject: Lillian Tung, CMO and co-founder of Fur, a personal care line founded on caring for what the brand calls your “most intimate areas.” In her line of work, pubic hair is a hot topic.

Keep reading to learn how to determine the right pubic hair choice for you and what factors to consider before you shave it all off.

Should You Shave Your Pubic Hair Or Keep It?

You may not know it, but what we do (and do not do) with our pubes largely rests upon cultural norms—not medical ones. Throughout history, women have worn their body hair as both a political statement (think full-bush ‘70s days) and a personal one (hello, whistle-clean Brazilian wax).

Today, however, the norms are changing. Instead of following one single trend, Tung sees her customers making their own decisions about pubic hair care—whether they’re into shaved landing strips or lasered-off bare bikini areas.

“Everyone chooses to groom in a different way—it’s a very personal decision based on their own skin and hair types,” she explains. “Some women may feel the pressure to remove their pubic hair because they think that having hair is taboo or abnormal.”

Here’s the good news: Everybody has pubic hair. It’s not gross, weird, or abnormal. It’s just hair! What you do with it is your business.

What To Consider Before Getting Rid Of Pubic Hair

When you’re deciding whether to trim, shave, wax, or laser your hair, start with the basics: Do you wear a lot of bikinis with cuts that show your hair and make you feel comfortable? Does your pubic hair make you feel itchy or uncomfortable? If so, you may want to consider removing it.

Once the big decision is made, there’s another one to consider: How much to remove? Traditional bikini waxes remove the hair just where your leg meets your groin, but the options are really endless from there. Lines, triangles, and trapezoids—we’ve seen it all!

It isn’t just your hair that’s involved in pubic negotiations, either: Your skin has a major role to play in this whole affair. You may find that some hair removal tactics irritate the sensitive pubic region more than others and you don’t enjoy having angry red bumps unexpectedly become public knowledge at the beach. If that’s the case, dial it back and try a different hair removal method or take a break altogether.

In Tung’s experience, the best pubic hair routine is one that shifts to meet your needs. You’re not locked into anything!

“From talking to all of our customers, we’ve actually learned that people change up their routines all the time...They’ll change it up season to season, or base it on how their skin is reacting to a certain treatment. Just like skincare, women are realizing that they can play around with their routine and try a lot out to see what fits their skin and hair’s needs best.”

The most groundbreaking revelation of all? Pubic hair isn’t disgusting—it’s just another part of you. The better you maintain it, the more you may find you like it. Fur made its name with its signature oil, designed to soften hair and clear pores for fewer ingrowns and healthier skin.

“There are endless options for hair removal, but almost none to make sure that skin stays happy, ingrown-free, and moisturized,” Tung adds.

The Pubic Hair Takeaway

Whatever you decide to do with your pubic hair, do it because you want to—not because the waxing menu at your local salon suggested it. That’s the attitude Tung advocates, particularly in a world where women haven’t always had a say about how their bodies look.

Above all else, talk about it. Your friends and sisters are probably having the exact same dilemma.

“It’s pretty groundbreaking to consider pubic hair outside the realm of it being embarrassing or something you need to remove and never discuss,” Tung says. “There’s almost a rebellious quality to treating your body hair luxuriously.”

While blowouts and color appointments are important, don’t forget the hair that isn’t on your head. What’s better than having a body you’re proud of?

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