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Side Hair Braid: How To Try It And The Inspo You Need

photo of woman with side hair braid
We think braids are worn best to the side with their beauty on display for everyone to see, instead of just those standing behind you. We’ve rounded up the best side hair braids you need to try, with a little help from Irina Zhokhova, Russian Redken brand ambassador.

Unleash your inner braided boho babe with these beautiful side hair braid styles! Whether you love androgynous hairstyles or bohemian hairstyles, there's something for everyone.


What is a side hair braid?

As the name suggests, a side hair braid is a plait that sits on the right or the left of your face, rather than dead center. It’s the perfect way to create some dimension and texture in your hair. A side hair braid also doubles as a trendy way to keep bangs off your face in an ultra stylish way.


How To Do A Side Hair Braid

The secret to good side braiding comes down to two elements: the right accessories and pro-approved products. Zhokhova recommends “a professional metal pin-tail comb and using the right styling products,” which will help you to achieve the precise look you’re after.

“The best hairstyling products for braiding include Redken Wax Blast 10 and Redken Stay High 18,” she says.

Each of these styling products helps provide you with all the texture, grip, and dimension you need to create your most gorgeous side hair braid yet.


Side Hair Braid Inspiration

When it comes to pulling together all the best side hair braid inspiration, we’ve got you covered. It was difficult, but we’ve narrowed it down to three of our favorite side hair braiding styles for you to try.

Time to put your best braid forward with these gorgeous styles.


Side Braid Hair Worn Down

The beauty of this side hair braid is that it incorporates a significant amount of your hair into the body of the braid to make it nice and chunky, while still leaving enough down on the sides. The wispy tendrils combined with the fishtail style make this look oh-so-romantic and bohemian.

If you’d prefer something smarter or for dressier occasions, keep the braid tighter and make sure to spray any flyaways with Redken Triple Take 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray to keep your locks in place for up to 24 hours, so you can look classy all night!


The Classic Side Braid

Is there anything quite as iconic as the loose side braid style? We love everything about this look: the boldly vibrant red color, the length of the hair, the side fringe, and, of course, the gorgeous side braid that ends with slightly curly tips.

To achieve this classic look, start braiding at your ears using the standard three-strand braid. Continue plaiting till the ends of your strands, or finish halfway to leave some of your hair flowing for an effortless and natural twist.


Double Side Dutch Braid

What’s better than one dutch side braid, you ask? Try two! Channel your inner Heidi with these adorably cute side braids that aren’t just for the playground.

“The signature of the Dutch braid is that the braiding is done flat and tight to the scalp,” Zhokhova says.

Make sure to divide your hair into two parts evenly, and start close to the root, braiding under rather than over. This Northern European-inspired look pairs exceptionally well with a middle part.

Side braid your way into the style-makers handbook with these three gorgeous side hair braids!

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