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Simple Updo Hairstyles For A Big Night Out

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You have a hot date or a cocktail party. Maybe you just need to get out of the house for an evening on the town. Whatever the case, the situation calls for a particularly sexy look. It has to feel different than the hairstyle you wear to the office, but still be comfortable.

Contrary to popular belief, updo hairstyles don’t need to be complicated. To achieve a truly stunning look, all you need is your own two hands (and a little product, some pins, and a hairband). Don’t save elegant, romantic hairstyles for your once-a-year holiday party. These easy, simple updos are good enough to wear out every Friday night.


Here’s an old-school style that never seems to go out of style. The pompadour, which involves teasing at the roots before rolling the hair into a voluminous bun at the hairline, is both simple and fit for a variety of hair textures.

Even better, there’s no way your hair is slipping out of this updo.

Tucked French Braid

French braids are a tried-and-true hairstyle, but they can fall a little flat on the sexy scale. If you’re headed out to an important party or event, make the style feel more adult by updating it.

Instead of tightly braiding, loosen the plait as you go and ensure there is plenty of extra volume at the crown. Then, tuck the ponytail end of the braid under your top layer and pin it. Voila, instant updo.

Low Bun with Crown Braid

When our girlfriends come to us in full hair meltdown, there’s only one style we recommend: the crown braid and bun. It’s easy, relaxed looking, and so simple your fellow happy hour-goers might think you really did wake up like that. And, thanks to the grit your natural oils add, the style looks better on dirty hair than it does on clean. That’s a win in our books!

Messy Half Top Knot

Bedhead is the new blowout, which makes getting ready for a big night out so much simpler. This half top knot requires only dry shampoo, bobby pins, and a hair elastic. Honestly, the messier the better (there’s no way to do this wrong).

Taking the upper half of your hair, twist until the strand begins to double back on itself. Loop your elastic around the newly-made bun, then fluff the bun and pin any stray pieces that might’ve escaped.

Double Ballerina Buns

We love a clean, sleek style for a night out, especially one that looks more memorable than your average updo. This look is as easy as sectioning your hair into two pieces (upper and lower halves of the head), before twisting each into a rosette-style bun and pinning.

It’s also a great opportunity to apply a healing treatment, so don’t be afraid to massage a hair mask into your mid-lengths and ends before pulling everything away from the face. No one will know!

Decorative Bobby Pins

Say what you will about finding stray bobby pins in every purse, corner of your room, and drawer, but we can’t get over their utility. For ladies with fine or silky hair, bobby pins are a game changer.

To create a dressy hairstyle on the go, we recommend dropping a handful of pins in your bag before leaving for work. Arrange the pins geometrically across your hairline, or slide them into a triangle formation and hold up a half ponytail. The options are nearly endless.

Pigtail Buns

News flash: Pigtails aren’t just for the playground anymore. The edgy style is endlessly popular at festivals and concerts, so it’s about time you put it to work for you. If your long hair gets snarled, these buns are your new go-to style for hours spent in crowded venues.

Just part your hair in the middle, then bring each side up into a high ponytail at the crown of the head. Wrap and pin the strands, creating a small bun on either side.

Cuffed Ponytail

Call us lazy, but there’s just no substitute for a quality ponytail. It’s approachable, cheerful, and easy—in other words, exactly what you want when you’re pressed for time. Take your tail from the gym to the bar by adding a chic matte metal clip. The accessory will not only hide your hairband, but also mean you don’t have to carry extra jewelry in your bag.

Curly Half Pineapple

Most curly girls attempt some version of the “pineapple” (a loosely gathered bun that protects curls) overnight. This, however, is not a style that has to stay at home.

Instead of bringing all your curls up into the pineapple, leave the bottom half free. The peppy ponytail will provide volume, while still ensuring you’re comfortable enough to flirt and socialize. The best part? There’s no need to worry about putting up your hair before falling asleep.

Faux Bob

If you’re a lady with loose waves or hair that isn’t quite curly, the faux bob is your new best friend. Instead of taking the time and expense to go see a stylist, you can fake a chop in your very own home.

Secure the ends of your hair with a no-tangle elastic, then gently tuck it up toward the base of your neck and pin it. Using gentle hand motions, rearrange and loosen your folded hair into a shape that resembles a bob. Even better? Coat your hair with a light layer of texture spray to amp up your volume and help with hold.

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