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How To Style ‘90s Halloween Hair The Stylist-Approved Way

02 October 2018
'90s halloween costume hair
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When it comes to throwback trends, there’s no era that gives us quite as much beauty inspiration as the ‘90s. Between the crimped hair, all over denim, scrunchies, and high-waisted jeans, there’s no shortage of styles from the decade that we’re obsessed with (and maybe a few we’re not so obsessed with).

Looking for some ‘90s hair inspiration to pair with your Halloween costume this Halloween? You’re in luck. Cindy Duplantis, Redken artist and styling ambassador, shows us how to achieve a signature ‘90s Cali girl hairstyle in minutes. Whether you have dirty blonde hair or grey balayage, this ‘90s halloween costume hair is sure to look stunning on you.


What you’ll need.

The ‘90s claw clip made its big return at Alexander Wang’s Fall 2018 New York Fashion Week show, and we’ve been seeing them everywhere ever since. For this look, Duplantis uses a mini variation of the claw clip, so be sure to gather a few before you begin styling. You’ll also need a flat iron and a few trusty Redken products.


Prep your hair.

For this look, start with clean, dry hair. Brush through your entire mane with a large paddle brush to remove any tangles. Take a section of hair from your crown and clip it back. This is the segment you will use to form the knots.

Begin forming the knots.

Take a 1-inch section of hair from the center of your head to create your first knot. Apply a dime-sized amount of Redken Rough Paste 12 to the section you’re working with.This long lasting texturizing hair paste creates rough and ragged texture with nonstop separation, sculpting strong styles with moldable hold.

To form the knot, begin by creating a flat twist at your scalp. Then, use your finger to create a loop and pull the remaining hair through it to form a knot. Once the knot is in place, secure it with a mini claw clip. Continue forming knots by following the same steps, taking 1-inch sections at a time from the hair sectioned off at your crown. Duplantis created six knots for this look.

Add finishing touches.

Once the knots are set, apply a few spritzes of Redken Iron Shape 11 throughout your hair. This lightweight, anti-frizz hairspray not only protects and helps repair heat damaged hair, but also works to prevent hair breakage and offers a brilliant shine finish. 

Then, use a flat iron to style loose waves randomly throughout the hair. Working with 1-inch sections of hair at a time, hold the flat iron at an angle and insert the section between the two plates. Turn the iron away from your face and gently slide it down to form a wave.

Use a fine-tooth comb to gently tease the hair for volume. Apply a few spritzes of Redken Fashion Work 12 to lock it all in.


No ‘90s-inspired costume is complete without the proper accessories. Top your style off with a stretchy choker, mauve lipstick, and oval sunglasses. 

For more expert Halloween hair tips, use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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