This Sleek Wrapped Ponytail Is The Christmas Party Hairstyle You Need To Try
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This Sleek Wrapped Ponytail Is Perfect For Your Holiday Office Party

06 December 2018
christmas party hairstyle
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Jessie Amato

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It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year, which means office parties and holiday gatherings are right around the corner. With the hustle and bustle of gift shopping and finishing up last-minute work before vacation, you might be short on time to plan your Christmas party hairstyle. Don’t worry—that’s what we’re here for.

We teamed up with Spencer Henry, Redken artist and brand ambassador, and Instagram influencer Sinead De Vries (@sineaddevries) to create a stunning sleek ponytail for your next holiday party. Whether you have dark brown hair or ash blonde, this look pairs perfectly with any holiday outfit and makeup combo.

Keep scrolling to find out how to recreate the look for yourself. 

christmas party hairstyle

Start with hairspray.

For this look, begin with clean, dry hair. Apply a few spritzes of Redken Triple Take 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray to the crown and sides your head. The high hold volumizing hairspray gives hair long-lasting body, while protecting it from frizz and giving hair humidity protection. Use a boar bristle brush to smooth the hair down and pull all of it towards the back of your head. This will help give the ponytail a sleeker appearance.

christmas party hairstyle

Create your low ponytail.

Gather all of your hair just above the nape of your neck. For this look, Henry creates his own hair bungee with a clear hair elastic and two bobby pins. To create a hair bungee of your own, hook both bobby pins onto a hair elastic. Anchor one of the bobby pins into the base of your ponytail and wrap the hair elastic around it. Once the hair elastic is wrapped tight enough, use the second pin to secure the ponytail in place.

christmas party hairstyle

Enhance your sleek look.

Once your low ponytail is secure, grab your boar bristle brush and the Redken Triple Take 32 Hairspray. Gently brush back the hair at your crown and apply a few more spritzes of hairspray to smooth the hair down once again.

For added definition, rub a dime size amount of Redken Short Sculpt 19 Texturizing Gel between your palms and run it through the hair at the top of your head. Use a wide tooth comb to brush through the top once more before you move on to evenly distribute the product.

christmas party hairstyle

Add extensions.

Looking to spruce up your holiday ponytail a bit? Pick up a set of clip-in extensions. While you don’t need to use extensions to achieve the look, they’re a quick and easy way to add fullness and volume.

Simply attach a 3-clip extension around the base of the ponytail.

christmas party hairstyle

Wrap your low ponytail.

Wrapping your ponytail takes the look to the next level while also masking your clip-in extensions. Take a single clip extension and attach it to the top of the ponytail base. Wrap a small section of hair from the extensions around the base of your ponytail. Use a few bobby pins to hold it in place.

christmas party hairstyle

Finishing touches.

Apply a few spritzes of the Redken Iron Shape 11 Heat Protectant Spray to the loose hair from the ponytail. This lightweight, thermal heat protection hairspray is perfect for use with flat irons and curling irons up to 450 degrees to protect your hair, add shine and reduce frizz. Slowly pass a flat iron over 2-inch sections of hair from the ponytail until you’ve straightened it all.

Now that you’ve mastered Henry’s sleek ponytail, you’ll be sure to stand out at your next holiday gathering!

Looking for more holiday hair ideas? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.
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