5 Holiday Hair Ideas To Get You Through Party Season

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5 Women Giving Us Serious Holiday Hair Inspo

23 November 2017
woman at holiday party with bun

Emily Arata

Senior Editor, Hair.com

As an employee of L’Oréal, Emily works with celebrity stylists to make finding the right cut, color, or style easier than ever before. She's previously written for Allure, Elite Daily, and First We Feast.

The holidays are underway, and that means just one thing: party season. Whether you're accepting only one invite this year or have every weekend lined up (hello, hangover), there's one party accessory that requires even more thought than how much glitter is appropriate for a single outfit. Holiday hair is a dilemma. Instead of going for that same old mod ponytail this year, let us introduce you to sophisticated, romantic styles that may be appropriate for Christmas but can really take you all the way through wedding season. 

crown braid

Twisted Chignon

It's tough to find a style more universally flattering than the chignon. One part demure maiden from a historical drama, two parts festival season, this twisty bun has the added benefit of being simpler than it looks. Start with a messy bun at the nape, leaving out the front third of your hair. Working in small sections, twist and pin the strands around your chignon.

fishtail half up

Illusion Fishtail

Can't braid to save your life? No need to! This half up style starts with a teased crown. Working with mini elastics, you'll start by looping one around a small strand in your tail one inch from the base. Pull the rest of the tail through the middle of this section. Fluff and repeat. If you're good with extensions, this is your moment to use them for added thickness.

sleek part

Slicked Back Bob

This year's trends were heavily focused on the idea of undone-looking texture and wave. During the holiday season, break the rules with this androgynous take on the bob. Using a long tail comb, create a crisp side part before working through your freshly washed hair with a narrow blow-dry concentrator and a boar bristle brush. Be sure your air stream is pointing straight down to close the hair cuticle and boost shine.

tied pony

Festive Ponytail

Weren't we just recommending ditching the ponytail in favor of more glamorous styles? Ah, well, this isn't your mama's ponytail. Start with sleek, straight hair, parting your strands sharply with a long tail comb. Using your fingers to smooth your hair, loosely gather a tail at the base of your neck. With a leather tie or satin ribbon, cover the hairband and create a little bow. It's a straight-off-the-runway look that actually works for real life, too. If you're not someone who just has ribbon sitting around the house, check nearby fashion chain stores for premade bedazzled ribbons.

flat wave

Flat Wave Half 'Do

If you've been anywhere near social media in the last year, you know the flat wave. Created by twisting each strand before wrapping it around the curling iron, it's a breezy wave that's stolen the ringlet's curly throne. Try this on medium length hair, coating dry hair with a layer of light hold hairspray for texture, grip, and frizz control. Work in sections, alternating the iron away from and toward your face. Once your curls are done, let them cool without touching them. Then, twist several sections back into an ethereal updo held with pins.

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