17 Simple Homecoming Hairstyles for the Big Dance Homecoming Hairstyles: 17 Easy Styles For The Big Dance


Homecoming Hairstyles: 17 Easy Styles For The Big Dance

27 October 2017
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Emily Arata

Senior Editor, Hair.com

As an employee of L’Oréal, Emily works with celebrity stylists to make finding the right cut, color, or style easier than ever before. She's previously written for Allure, Elite Daily, and First We Feast.

Dance season is just around the corner, which means we’re about to enter a world totally focused on false eyelashes, orchid corsages, and elaborate homecoming hairstyles. 

Although planning for a dance is mega stressful—we get it—it’s worth remembering that any hairstyle you feel comfortable in is ultimately the right one for you. You’ll only have so many high school dances, and do you really want to spend half the night readjusting clip-in extensions in the bathroom?

Whether you’re tackling your mane solo or enlisting a professional stylist to do the job, we’ve collected some of the easiest, prettiest styles in the hair universe for your perusal. Get reading, girl.

Messy Waves with Extra Volume

Let’s start with the basics. Nothing is prettier than a frizz-free wave, particularly on hair with highlights or ombre. To ensure it doesn’t fall flat, backcomb your crown and coat it with a healthy amount of hairspray.

Crown Braid with Bun

We love crown braids because of their versatility. Create a deep side part, then Dutch braid along your hairline and pin. If wearing your hair down on a sweaty dance floor doesn’t sound appealing, continue the plait as a traditional braid, wrapping it into a loose bun. 

Bubble Ponytail

Our favorite hairstyle is the one that looks rocket scientist-level complex but takes almost no time to complete. If that’s your vibe, too, then take the bubble ponytail for a spin. Create a sleek high ponytail, then wrap clear elastics around it at even intervals. To finish, pancake each section until it looks a little like a bubble.

Wraparound Braid

If your dream aesthetic is “cartoon princess who has naturally full hair,” then the wraparound braid is a must-try for homecoming. After creating a side part, you’ll French braid away from it along the hairline. Continue the braid around the back of the head, transitioning to a standard braid just below your ear.

Twisted Chignon

We fondly refer to this style as “the easiest updo of all time,” and with good reason. To get your chignon flow on, divide hair into three strands. Create a sleek bun with the middle piece, then cross both side strands across the bun and under. Pin and hairspray the style to secure it.

Extra High Wrapped Ponytail

If you’re a self-described diva with an over-the-top dress, you deserve a hairstyle that’s just as extra as you are. In this case, it’s an extra high ponytail that sits smack in the center of your heads. Leave out one extra piece of hair to wrap around the base of your tail.

Fishtail Half Updo

Half updos are the ideal way to keep hair out of your face while posing and dancing while making sure your mane makes it into photographs. After curling your entire head, create two fishtail braids above the ears. Once they’re long enough to meet behind your head, secure the ponytail.

Curly Half Ponytail

Curly girls, don’t think we’ve forgotten you. Instead of battling with your hair, embrace its texture with a loose half ponytail. The tail should sit in the center of your scalp, so that the ponytail frames your face.

Half Top Knot with Curls

This is the same idea as the curly half ponytail, just for ladies with fine hair. After teasing at the crown, create a very high half ponytail. Shape a tight bun, pinning to secure it. Then, curl the remaining strands of your hair.

Wavy Lob

We’re of the belief that nothing is better than a lob. The style is bouncy and playful. Besides, what’s more put-together than well styled short hair? To make this look feel special, add waves with a curling iron before adding a sparkly hair accessory. 

Double Crown Braid

For another short hair styling idea, try on a double crown braid. Starting with a side part, braid across the hairline and pin the plait behind your ear. Then, add a second braid behind the first. With this style, you’ll have instant volume that lasts until the DJ plays that final slow dance.

Braid with Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are back in a big way. From tiny pearl pins to matte ponytail holders, we love the look of a dressed-up jewelry piece in your mane. We like the look of a wide fishtail braid with pins throughout. It dresses up any homecoming gown.

Faux Shaved Side Braid

Feeling like you’ll want to walk on the dark side for the homecoming dance? A faux shaved side braid is edgy and (best of all) simple. Section off a rectangular patch of hair over one ear, creating a tight French braid. Secure the style with a no-show elastic, styling the rest of your mane in your favorite way.

Triple Rosette Half Ponytail

If you’ve already chosen a romantic dress for homecoming, this half ponytail style will only add to the glamour of the look. Sectioning off the top of your hair, divide it into three equal strands. Braid and secure each one. Then, twist each braid into a floral shape and pin.

Bombshell Blowout

There’s one hairstyle that’s easier than the rest: the professional blowout. All you have to do is sit back and let a professional handle your hair, transforming it into cascading waves worthy of any celebrity. If you’ve been putting away a little cash from your after-school job, the blowout may be for you.

Short French Braid with Volume

Bobs and lobs may look chic, but the process of growing them out is truly awkward. If you’re stuck at an in-between length, create a voluminous French braid down the back of your head. Finish the braid with a short ponytail or bun for a spunky ‘do that still counts as an updo.

Textured Faux-hawk

Nothing makes way for statement jewelry quite like a pompadour. First, you’ll want to divide hair into three even sections: the crown, the back of the head, and the nape of the neck. Twisting each and pinning as you go, twist each ponytail into a voluminous bun. Aim for a mohawk shape here, but don’t be afraid to get creative.

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