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Here Comes The Bride: 15 Wedding Hairstyles We Love

05 February 2018
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You’ve got the ring, the dress is hanging in your closet, and the caterer already knows about your great aunt who’s allergic to fish. Now, it’s time to decide what you’re doing with your hair. Wedding hairstyles can be deceptively tricky to choose, especially since you’re looking for one that both highlights your favorite facial features and complements your dress.

Take a deep breath, because we’re about to break this down for you. The good news? There’s really no such thing as a bad wedding hairstyle. If you feel like a goddess incarnate and can’t feel any hair pins poking directly into your scalp, the look is undoubtedly a success.

With the confidence of a woman who knows she’s about to look her best, take a peek at some of our favorite editor-approved bridal styles. Whether you’re aiming for bombshell or princess, you’ll find inspiration for the perfect ‘do.

photo of half up ponytail hairstyle

Half-Up Ponytail

The half-up ponytail might have its roots in an awkward middle school style (Could we have yanked those tails any tighter?), but a recent revival in popularity has given it a much-needed update. To keep yours looking romantic, ask your stylist to loosely curl your hair before finger combing through the ringlets. Done but not too done is the aesthetic idea you’ll want to emphasize.

Teasing at the crown, the pro can loosely draw the top half of the hair into a band. Using a comb is optimal to attain a perfectly even part. If the style still feels a little restrained, try asking your stylist to pull a few tendrils out around your forehead and ears.

photo of milkmaid braids hairstyle

Milkmaid Braids

The name may be a little silly, but milkmaid braids are a style consistently beloved by fashion bloggers and influencers. That may because the bound-up braids are secure enough for a long night of dancing and drinking, but we also love how unexpected they seem. For a bohemian-style ceremony, consider these simple plaits.

To achieve the look, your stylist will part your down the middle with a comb before tightly braiding each half. Using plenty of pins and a healthy dose of hairspray, he or she will begin the process of wrapping each braid around the crown of the head. Because you’re aiming to encircle the entire head, this bridal style is best for ladies with lengthy hair. To dress the braids up even more, try weaving a delicate flower like Baby’s Breath throughout.

photo of hairstyle with behind ear twist

Behind-The-Ear Twist

If you’re short on time or don’t enjoy sitting still in a salon for hours at a time, try a twist instead of a braid or bun for your special day. Paired with a silky blowout, a single strand of hair twisted behind one ear looks classic, especially when paired with an especially opulent wedding dress.

We recommend using the style as an opportunity to show off a little glitz in the form of a sparkling hair comb or pin. You may want to ask your friends and family if they have any wedding day hair accessories—this is a perfect spot to place your “something borrowed” or “something blue.”

photo of wrapped high ponytail hairstyle

Wrapped High Ponytail

Were you a cheerleader in high school? Are you more likely to be caught leaving a sweat session at the gym than agonizing over floral arrangements for your upcoming nuptials? If that’s the case, then you’re probably not buying into the the ringlets-and-tiaras look.

Take a page from some of the most influential celebrities, and walk down the aisle with your freshly blown-out hair pulled into a polished ponytail.

photo of elegant chignon updo hairstyle

Elegant Chignon

Some of us have waited our entire lives to get married, eagerly anticipating the day we’d be able to walk down the aisle in a full ball gown and jewels to rival those of any royal. Give yourself the ultimate day as a princess by choosing a low chignon to complete your wedding ensemble.

The sleek look, which involves a slightly teased crown, pulls hair away from the face and off the shoulders. To dress the style up even more, ask your stylist to wrap two pieces of hair around the base of the bun, creating a more organic-seeming shape.

photo of teased bouffant hairstyle

Teased Bouffant

Everyone loves a throwback look, especially one that winks at the great femme fatales of decades past. If you’re a vintage-inspired gal, one who’s more interested in full skirts than mermaid silhouettes, pair your wedding gown with an amped-up bouffant. You don’t have to be a Southern belle to appreciate a little height to your hair.

photo of long beach waves hairstyle

Easy, Breezy Beach Waves

On the scale of hairstyles that also double as serious power moves, beach waves rank at the top. Made with the help of a large-barreled curling iron and sea salt spray, these loose ringlets create volume while simultaneously maintaining the illusion that you’ve been effortlessly splashing in the waves all morning. If you don’t tell, we won’t.

This look is optimal for an outdoors ceremony or reception because the style can withstand wind or wild dancing. What’s more, you won’t have to enlist an army of bridesmaids with bobby pins to make sure your hair is flawless all night long.

photo of flower crown braided hairstyle

Floral Crown Braid

The challenge of choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle is finding one that will be flattering in the thousands of photographs you’re bound to pose for, while still staying out of your face.

The floral crown braid is the ultimate solution to both problems and happens to work for almost all hair textures and lengths. Braiding along the forehead guarantees your hair won’t fall flat halfway through your first dance, and inserting fresh flowers adds a laidback vibe to the ensemble.

photo of pin straight hair

Pin Straight

When it comes to weddings, not everyone feels comfortable with the standard amount of blush pink and lace. Modern-inspired ladies shouldn’t be stuck with hot curlers and bedazzled hair clips, either. If you’ve swapped a formal gown for a tailored suit, update your hair as well with a stick straight look that’s more about shine than it is volume. The most important thing is that you feel like, well, yourself on your wedding day.

photo of sleek low ponytail hairstyle

Sleek Low Ponytail

Did you spend the equivalent of three months’ rent on the most opulent, fashion-forward gown on the market? If that’s the case, let your hair take a back seat to your designer wedding dress with the ever-fashionable low ponytail.

Whether you decide to part it in the middle or sharply to one side, you’re sure to look like a high fashion model who’s just taken a break from the runway to say her vows. That’s an aesthetic we wholeheartedly support.

photo of fishtail braid hairstyle with bow

Fancy Fishtail Braid

There’s nothing quite like a statement braid, especially one thickened by clip-in extensions, to make your wedding look unique. Unlike the standard or French braid, fishtail braids are woven with two strands instead of three or more. They’re feminine without being overdone and require very little maintenance throughout the day to keep them looking photoshoot-friendly.

The wedding hairstyle looks especially fabulous on hair that’s recently been highlighted or lowlighted. If you plan on investing time and money into fresh color for your nuptials, make sure and show it off.

photo of voluminous updo hairstyle

Voluminous Updo

According to Sabine Constanzo, expert stylist for the French on-demand mobile beauty app Simone and Hair.com consultant, your wedding dress design matters.

“If your dress has a high neck, an updo will look very elegant,” Constanzo says.

Take an ‘80s trend—high volume that starts at the very top of the head— and polish it up for the formal ceremony. Its minimal yet androgynous shape deviates away from classic updos. Add some flash with an oversized hair piece.

photo of long and loose hairstyle

Long And Loose

For a natural approach that’s still reminiscent of a rock-themed wedding style, embrace the hippie band member hair of the ‘70s.

“If your dress has a low neck, opt for loose hair,” Constanzo says.

Keep your hair length flowing free or tied in a side ponytail. Your waves should resemble that iconic shaggy look—loose pieces around the face and textured fringe are great final touches.

photo of side swept updo hairstyle

Sculptural Side Updo

“If your face is long, fix a low hairstyle in order to balance out the shape,” Constanzo advises.

This low hanging side updo secures long hair with a little flair. Instead of unkempt curls and waves for your bridal look, transform your mane into a textured updo that’s a mix between offbeat and elegant.

photo of piled high updo hairstyle

Piled High Updo

“If you have a round face, “prioritize a higher updo in order to elongate your profile,” Constanzo says. Inspired by the rocker perms of the ‘70s, show off some extra curly ends in this piled high updo. Incorporate volume at the top of the head and tangled textures to create a truly memorable updo style.

Feel ready to take on the big day with any of these rock-inspired wedding hairstyles!

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