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10 Iconic 1950s Hairstyles To Try In 2018

12 March 2018
photo of woman with bouffant 1950s hairstyle
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Jessie Amato

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If you love elegant styles with a hint of playfulness, 1950s hairstyles are for you. This iconic postwar era brought about major changes in the beauty world. We said goodbye to the practical styles of the 1940s, making way for glamorous and elegant 1950s styles to take over. As professional hair stylists become more prominent figures, so did the most stunning looks of the decade. From soft curls to fabulous updos, there is a 1950s style right for every woman.

In need of some style inspiration? Here are some of our favorite 1950s hairstyles for you to try this year.

photo of bouffant ponytail 1950s hairstyle

Bouffant Side Ponytail

If you’re itching to try a vintage hairstyle for your next formal event, opt for a bouffant. This voluminous style has remained iconic throughout many decades, though the 1950s are where it shined the brightest.

Looking to give this style a try? Be sure to have bobby pins and a healthy amount of hairspray on hand for maximum hold. Tie your hair into a loose side ponytail and let the strands framing your face fall naturally for a soft glam look.

photo of half up bouffant 1950s hairstyle

Half Up Bouffant

Besides being a standout due to its volume and height, the bouffant is also known for its many gorgeous variations. If you’re looking to show off your length, try out a half up bouffant with loose curls. After securing the bouffant at the top of your head, spray a heat protectant through your strands and curl your hair in 2-inch sections. Once your curls have set and cooled, brush them out using a paddle brush and lock in your look with hairspray.

photo of hot roller curls 1950s hairstyle

Roller Curls

You may need to do some digging through your old beauty drawer for this one. Before curling irons were a staple in every woman’s bathroom, women turned to hot rollers to give them the voluminous, curly look they desired.

Be sure to spray heat protectant on each section of your mane before you apply the curlers. Once the curlers are removed, use a few spritzes of hairspray to set the curls in place.

photo of high ponytail 1950s hairstyle

Voluminous High Ponytail

The high ponytail is among the most casual and fun styles of the 1950s. Looking to add an extra touch to your look? Once you’ve gathered all of your hair into a high ponytail, pair it with a vintage-inspired accessory such as a silk scarf or bow.

photo of pixie cut 1950s hairstyle

Pixie Cut

We firmly believe that short hair is timeless, and the pixie cut is no exception. Some of the most iconic women of the 1950s wore pixie cuts and this super short chop is still seen on almost every red carpet. The best part? A pixie can cut your styling time in half.

photo of short and curly 1950s hairstyle

Short And Curly

The 1950s were all about short ‘dos. Curly girls, this look is perfect if you’re looking to let your natural texture shine. Let your hair dry with the help of a light hold curl product, tousle to loosen your curls, and finish the look with a small amount of hairspray.

photo of mid length waves 1950s hairstyle

Mid Length Waves

It was rare that 1950s women let their hair fall below their shoulders. If your strands are mid-length, opt for soft, vintage-inspired waves. Once you’ve finished , apply a few spritzes of hairspray. Add a bobby pin on each side about an inch from your scalp to keep the hair away from your face.

photo of sophisticated updo 1950s hairstyle

Sophisticated Updo

This updo screams 1950s glitz, which makes it perfect for any wedding or special occasion. To mimic this sculpted look, you’re going to need hair ties, bobby pins, and a good amount of hairspray. Pair this look with accent jewelry pieces such as sparkly statement earrings and soft makeup for a full-on glam look.

photo of short fringe 1950s hairstyle

Short Fringe

Full-on fringe can be a full time job to maintain, so why not give short fringe a try? The short variation gives you the same shape of regular bangs with much less styling effort. We love the look of short fringe on a blunt cut or shaggy bob.

photo of french twist 1950s hairstyle

French Twist

The French twist, one of the most classic and identifiable looks of all time, never goes out of style. From messy and textured to tight and elegant, this picture perfect style can be worn in different ways varying in difficulty.

Pro tip: Practice styling the French twist a few times before attempting to wear it to your next event or set up an appointment with your stylist.

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