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We Asked Anh Co Tran Exactly How To Get His Famous Lived-In Hair

31 October 2018
anh co tran lived in hair
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Jessie Amato

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We’re always looking for trendy cuts that require as little styling time as possible, but still look like we put some effort into the final look. Anh Co Tran is a master at giving his clients exactly that. The L'Oréal Professionnel artist, celebrity stylist, and co-owner of Ramirez | Tran Salon in Beverly Hills, California coined the term “lived-in hair,” a hair cutting technique that that adds effortless volume and movement to any texture.

What is exactly is lived-in hair and how can you achieve it? We caught up with Tran at Butterfly Salon in New York City. He dishes on his signature technique and how you can make the lived-in look all yours.


What is lived-in hair?

Tran wants to make one thing clear: achieving a lived-in look is all in the way hair is cut. He wanted to create a cutting technique that was customizable for each client’s specific needs and hair type.

Lived-in hair is a way of cutting, not so much the way it’s styled...Straight, waved, natural, lazy...Lived-in hair, to me, is about versatility.

To see the client’s hair in its most natural state, Tran begins every cut with dry hair. When creating a lived-in bob, his goal is to give his clients a chop that is effortless and low maintenance but doesn’t look like it has been freshly cut. Instead, clients leave the salon with a cut that looks like it’s been “lived in”

“The unique part of it is that with this type of cut, the client doesn’t have to blow dry all the hopefully she can wash and go,” Tran says.


What’s the best way to ask for a lived-in bob?

According to Tran, achieving lived-in hair is all about the way it’s layered. Since haircuts with shorter, choppier layers often require more styling time, Tran suggests opting for the longest layers possible.

“There’s a technique that if you don’t go too short on the layers, it won’t be as high maintenance...The shorter the layers go, the more maintenance it is. So the longer the layers, the better,” Tran says.


Who should try a lived-in bob?

If you’re looking for a short, effortless cut, a lived-in bob could be perfect for you. According to Tran, certain hair types can particularly benefit from this version of the lived in look.

“It’s a great cut, especially for someone with thick hair. It helps to eliminate the weight and bulk,” the stylist explains.

Ready to try a lived-in chop for yourself? You can catch Tran at Ramirez | Tran Salon in Beverly Hills, California. Follow Tran on Instagram @anhcotran.

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