Alexander Wang Brought Back The '90s Claw Clip At NYFW This Ultra '90s Hair Accessory Just Made A Comeback At Fashion Week

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This Ultra '90s Hair Accessory Just Made A Comeback At Fashion Week

12 February 2018
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Over the past few years, '90s beauty and fashion trends have made a comeback in a major way. Between chokers, overalls, and scrunchies becoming a staple in many women’s wardrobe again, it’s easy to forget what year we’re living in. At this year’s New York Fashion Week, Redken global creative director Guido Palau capitalized on yet another blast-from-the-past hair accessory: the claw clip.


The controversial clip debuted as part of Alexander Wang’s Fall 2018 show. Palau created a throwback style using custom-made silver claw clips as a testament to powerful woman of the past.


This is Alex Wang's take on the '80s power woman, when we first saw female empowerment in the office...The hair is sort of an ironic take on that power woman with the inclusion of the custom-made Alexander Wang silver banana clips. It feels young, with a slight irony to it.

Guido Palau

photo of updo with banana clip hair accessory

Interested in achieving this slicked back, boss lady look? Palau breaks it down it in just a few simple steps. All you’ll need are a few staple Redken products and a claw clip of your choosing.

To get started, apply Redken Mess Around 10 to the front of the hairline and then section-by-section from the ears to the top of the head, combing through to evenly distribute the product and define the look. Next, spray Redken Forceful 23 hairspray throughout your strands for hold, and begin pulling pieces back into a ponytail.

Secure the style with a hair tie and twist the ponytail into a low chignon. Finally, add the banana clip over the chignon and use a blowdryer to smooth and shape the hair. Finish off the look with a spritz of Redken Forceful 23 Spray to keep the style in place.

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