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3 Hairstyles To Try On Your Medium Length Hair

31 January 2018
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If you’re still trying to think up some fun and easy ways to work your medium-length hair, Ludovic Beckers, Redken brand ambassador artist, has a very important rule of thumb.

“There is one very important philosophy that we have to keep in mind: We have a lot of hair and it has to move,” he says.

Take inspiration from Beckers’ philosophy and take a look at his trendy hairstyles that will surely turn some heads.

photo of woman with top knot hairstyle

Top Off With A Top Knot

The top knot is a hair trend that is stylish for any season. You can make the bun messy, tall and skinny, or neatly round. Practicing different styling techniques for your top knot will keep it fresh and varied. Think about wrapping a braid around the bun or using a colorful scrunchie.

“It’s easy, it’s sexy, it’s feminine and young… and it always looks stylish,” Beckers says.

For longer hair lengths, “paying more attention to the fundamentals of styling, like a strong brushing or making waves with a flat or round iron” will have the portion of hair that you’re wearing down looking looking its best.

photo of woman with loose fishtail hairstyle

Flowing Fishtail Braid

Beckers loves how a fishtail braid stands out from a normal braid by displaying more interesting textures that are pleasing to the eye. Get creative and try out the endless styling possibilities of the fishtail braid— create one big side braid or pin up multiple small ones!

“Incorporating a fishtail braid in a half up, half down style really suits medium length hair,” he says. “I prefer this look in combination with waves as well.”

photo of woman with shaggy waves

Shaggy Waves

We support Beckers’ obsession with wavy textures:

“Wavy hair, to me, symbolizes freedom and pleasure,” he explains.

Rocking a shaggy look on a long bob means sporting relaxed and casual waves that still shine through with a lot of personality. Add a finishing spray for just the right amount of volume and windswept texture in your shaggy waves, as well as a nice matte finish.

You’ll feel ready to rock your medium length hair this year with any of these quick and easy trendy hairstyles!

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